Stinging Dust Forgotten Lives.

Dust bowl


The dirty thirties was a horrible experience for the people who lived in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. In 1930, there was severe storms that damaged the ecology and agriculture of the US and Canada. It caused a drought and farmers failed to apply dry land farming methods. This lasted for 10 years, and the people had to do their own masks to keep the dirt form getting into their lungs. Dust pneumonia was common in these years and the people tried their best to protect their children and cover their house with gummed tape. Many left because they couldn't live there anymore and migrated to California in search of jobs to support their families.

In 1932, there was 14 dust storms recorded. In 1933, there was 38 dust storms recorded and in the late summer the storms destroyed small towns and buildings. In 1934, 100 million acres of land had lost most of all the top soil because of the wind. In April 4, 1935 a dust storm approached the cities/towns the people lived in but it was different from the rest because it was a could of smoke and even though it was day time it was very dark and people couldn't see where they where going or who was in front of them. The government didn't help until the dust was in the air and that's when they created programs to help the farmers with money and seeds to start over. In 1939, the rain returned to the cities but the storms increased and became worse and in 1940 2.5 million people moved from the dust bowl states. The people thought it was the end and that they would die but they did every thing they could to survive this disaster.