The Fallow Deer

by: Luna Vallejo

When, how and why did the fallow deer come to Australia.

when: The fallow deer (dama dama) came around 1830's.

how: l think the fallow deer came by boat.

why: because there were to many ant the trees were getting copped down.

What affects dose The Fallow Deer have on the Aboriginals.

they just cut the trees down the trees with their antenas
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What impact did The Fallow Deer have on the environment.

The Fallow Deer cut down the trees and the trees would fall down.

Did they do something good.

they only did something good for hunters to hunt them.

Diet, habitat.

The Fallow Deer's habitat is in a very changeable environment form the cool-cold to warm-dry environment.

Impact in Tasmaia

Tasmania was the first place that The Fallow deer had gotten there. and all the hunters were out to hunt them. They were known as 'the deer range'. The population of The Fallow Deer increased since it got to Tasmania. The Fallow Deer's population in mid 2000's was 16,000 to 20,000. It was estimated that the population had reached 30,000, even though although it’s is likely that the herd has become smaller in the order of 20,000 in the late 2000s as a unwelcoming punishment.

interesting facts

The Fallow Deer is from parts of Asia Europe and North-West Africa.