BY: Patricia Polaco

Questions & Answers

What happened: Tricia was havin a real hard time at her school in Michigan and none of her teachers would take the time to help Tricia. Alot of kids in her school made fun of her because she couldn't read or do math in the 3rd grade. Then her mom got a job in California and they moved. At Tricia's new school kids still made fun of her for not knowing how to read or do math and now she was in the 4th grade. Now she is in 5th grade and still can't do any of those things but her teacher Mr. Falker deosn't like how the kids tease her so he does something about it and that stops all the kids but Eric. Finally Mr. Falker catches Eric being mean to Tricia so he stops it and every day after school he and the reading teacher help her and she can finally read, write, and do math.

How did the character react: Tricia felt very sad, lonely, afraid, and dumb. But after she learned how to read and writeshe felt happy, not scared, not lonely, and smart.

How did the character overcome the obstacles: Tricia just kept pushing aside all the bad things in life and kept trying to do all the other things everyone else knew how to do.

How did the character get what they wanted: Tricia just kept listening to her grandma and would keep pushing and pushing and finally Mr. Falker helped.


I think the themes are Growing Up, Courage, Family and Friends, and Acceptance.

Growing Up: Because the story is about her life and her troubles.

Courage: Because she kept pushing and pushing until she finally got it.

Family and Friends: Because of how her Grandma really helped out and how she didn't have any friends.

Acceptance: Because how she handled the bullies and she accepted she didn't know how to read.