Sports Safety

By Herbert Greene

How to warm up before you play a sport

You should stretch all of the time before you start playing any sports. Thats one way of warming up. You loosen tight muscles and make them loose. Thats why you stetch to prevent devistating injuries. Do strertches that help quadriceps, hamstrings, it band, knees, arms, legs, and achiles

Eye Protection

If you wear eye glasses chances are you need contacts, goggles, face mask, etc. This type of equipment protects the eye's from being hurt. For example Basketball if you get smaked in the face your contacts could roll back in your eyes or your glasses could break and glass could get in your eye.









All of these injuries are extremely painful. I know this because I have experienced a few of them.

Lower Body protection and comfort

You should wear cups for protection

Wear compression shorts

wear pads for the diving sports (volleyball)

Sit Out a game if you have to

Playing while exhausted can lead to death or serious terrible conditions.

Sitting out is ok every once in a while. Especially if you play sports that require you working very hard.


When you are exercising to build up strength always have an adult or older friend with you so that if you need help for example bench pressing they would be there to spot you.



Before a game or practice if you have on shoes such as slides or flip flops don't dribble around or play baseball in those shoes the results could be a twisted ankle broken foot or anything that could cause you to got to rehab or the physical therapist.

Shoe choice

Many people tend to buy/wear shoes that look good. The thing is that they never ask does this shoe have good ankle support or is this shoe comfortable to wear. What I am saying is low top shoes are terrible for any sport one is basketball. Basketball players cut a lot and they need good shoes to help them do so. Here are some terrible supporting shoes but good looking.

Staying Hydrated

Having Water, Gatorade, and any type of sports drink is very important. If you don't stay well hydrated for a whole game it could cause death or you being rushed to a nearby hospital.