Assistive Technology in Windows

Windows Magnifier

Have you ever needed to see something on the computer, but it was too small?

How about checking out details of a very intricate drawing or picture?

What if you have limited vision and need to read larger text?

Windows has a solution!!!

Continue reading to learn how to use the Magnifier...

How to Turn on windows magnifier

  1. Press the Start Button- Lower Left-Hand Corner of Your Screen
  2. Type in "Magnifier" in the Search Box
  3. Click on "Magnifier" in Results
  4. Select Which Type of Magnifier You Want To Use
  5. Enjoy Magnifier!

How to Turn on Windows Magnifier

Windows 7 Magnifier

Overview of Features

  1. Allows user to Zoom-in on entire screen using "Full-Screen" Mode
  2. Allows user to Zoom-in on a smaller section of screen using "Lens" Mode
  3. Allows user to Zoom-in on small section, with magnification shown on the side using "Docked" Mode
  4. Easily turns on by searching for "Magnifier"
  5. Easily turns of by pressing the "Windows" key and the "Esc" key

Check out the Windows Help page for more information

Using Windows Magnifier to Help the Visually Impaired-Ask a Tech #7

The following video contains some great information about using Magnifier
Using Windows Magnifier to Help Visually Impaired - Ask a Tech #7

CAD Uses

When working with mechanical or architectural drawings, some details are very small when viewing on a computer. While it is possible to zoom in using the drafting programs, magnification from Windows allows the user to enlarge the details on their screen while keeping the drawing at a larger size.

Windows 7 Magnifier for CAD

Final Thoughts

Windows Magnifier has many useful features for enlarging objects on a computer.

Between the options of Full Screen, Lens, and Docked, there are many ways to magnify images on your computer screen.

Give it a try to see which Magnifier works best for you!


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