glofish are genetically modified fish that glow different colors. Glofish fish where bred to help to help find environmental pollutants. By adding a naturally derived fluorescence gene to the fish, Scientist hoped to quickly and easily determine when a waterway is contained. For example if the waterway is contained the fluorescence fish will glow a normal fish would not do something like that. Glofish are not injected or dyed to glow they are bred to glow meaning that they were not experimented on

Do i believe that the glofish ethnically wrong

i believe that theres nothing ethnically wrong with glofish because it was not injected or it was not experimented. The glofish is bred in side of labs meaning its born with the ability to glow. Also the glofish helps to detect water pollution which helps in the long run against water born infections. thats why i believe theres nothing ethnically wrong with glofish