TRU BRU Bear Club

Invite only membership

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The gist

The membership gives access to a variety of unique and equally elusive fresh beers, as well as member specials, exclusive events and merchandise over the year.

The Benefits


  • 6 x 750ml PET bottles of fresh unique craft beers
  • Complimentary delivery in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Insider notice on future unique stock available in store
  • A say in taplist selection
  • Invitation to annual get together of the club
  • Access to member only specials on products and merch
  • Access to occasional unique beers that will never be released to public

The Logistics

All you do is sign up in store / via phone or email, sit back and enjoy the unique fresh craft beers that come your way without any worries about it selling out before you can make it into store.

Each shipment gets dispatched and/or ready for pick up end of month.

With our CO2 purging and counter pressure filling systems and mostly overnight delivery we are able to guarantee quality and freshness of product to most destinations.

That is why we have members all over the country.

You can opt out from the club any time 10 days before shipment - yet we feel it’s unlikely.

3 of 6 July beers:

3 of 6 June beers:

Talk to us about 10 invites that are up for grabs weekly.

It is not about exclusivity, it’s about keeping it in the family.