Education Matters #4

Finding out what works..

Research to support your teaching and CPrD projects

Lots of research and studies to share with including one important piece of work that has managed by the Sutton Trust and led by Professor Rob Coe from Durham University. We are working with Prof Coe on one his projects called RISE - a project that is looking to see what impact teachers working with educational research can have on student outcomes.

The report by Prof Coe had extensive media coverage last Friday, mainly for some of the things that the evidence suggested did not impact upon student attainment. These surprisingly include

  • using lavish praise
  • grouping student by ability
  • using preferred learning styles
  • discovery learning

Key factors for teachers raising attainment are

  • Quality of instruction, subject knowledge and explanation and knowledge of how students think in their subject area and their misconceptions
  • The use of effective questions and assessment

The project can be found here and would encourage all of you to read this report

Details of the RISE project can be found here

Research support for CPrD projects

More research linked to the Sutton Report and what constitutes great teaching