Grant Family Focus

Monday, November 16

News and Notes

  • Thank you for the extra time you spent with families for conferences. It is always a great perspective to meet one-on-one with parents. Please remember to turn in your Conference forms to my mailbox so we have record for Title I purposes.
  • We had an amazing 68% of our students on the 1st Quarter Hall of Fame. We appreciate all of your efforts to remind students about being here and on time, as well as handing out reminders for those that chronically absent. (If you did not see any parents who have slips please bring them to me and I will mail them home).
  • Grant Pride- Here is link to our "Points of Pride". I have ordered a backed, color copy to display in your rooms. We had great input and many reasons to be proud of Grant.
  • Fred Englehardt will be subbing for John VanVeghel in Gym through November 25th.

Saftey Procedures

We discussed safety protocols at our meeting on Wednesday. Here is an overview of our procedures from the Grant Handbook:

  • "Lock and Hold"- Close and lock doors. No student should leave the room without a staff member. Normal activities take place except recess or phy. ed.
  • "Medical"- Close and lock door and keep students in the room. No students or staff should be in the halls at all.
  • "Intruder Alert"- This initiates a lock procedure (a full description is in the handbook) Close your locked classroom door. Turn off the lights and close the binds. Move students to a safe corner of the room not visible from the hallway. Wait patiently until an "All Clear" is called or office staff physically come to your room. If you are outside, move to Seton school on the corner of 8th and Superior (this is also where we go in the case we need to evacuate our building).
  • "Fire/Duck and Cover"- Follow the directions posted in your room for fire drill or duck and cover. Bring your student roster with you when you leave the building. If you do not have a sign posted in your room or are unsure if your sign is up-to-date, let me know and I we can make sure you have one.
  • Committee- Let me know if you are interested in revisiting these protocols. I would be more than happy to set aside some time to discuss the best protocols for our safety!

Important Dates

      • November 16th- Cool Tool Personal Space
      • November 18th Academic Committees 2:15-3:15; PBIS Committees 3:15-4:15
      • November 19th Grade Level Meetings- 7:30 a.m. 4th Grade; All other grade levels at regular time.
      • November 23rd Hmong Culture Performance- 2:00-2:30 ATL Winners announced when kids return to class. No School Store.
      • November 24th- Andrea Holschbach will be at Grant 3:00-4:00
      • November 25th 2 hour Early Release- 1:00 p.m.
      • December 2nd- Teacher Rounds on Data Walls
      • December 7th- Lincoln-Erdman Spotlight Visit, Family Meeting and a visit from Tony Evers
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      If you have John VanVehgel on your Teaching Fantasy Team, remember to take him out of your starting line-ups :)