To Infinity and Beyond!

34 Days Left in School! Report Cards Come Home Today!!!!!

You Are Now Entering Testing Mode

We are now entering into the testing zone for Fourth Grade. Last week our class took a 15 question SOL Prep reading test on the computer. Today, I had the students review their answers and we went through question-by-question as to the answers and discussed the results. We will be doing a longer practice tomorrow test tomorrow and then going over our results.

A couple of parents of have asked me how to help prepare your child for the test. The best thing for them is a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast. We will have a small snack before the test begins, but nothing else until lunch. I have told the students that the test has no bearing on their grades or whether or not they move to fifth grade. That was a huge wave of relief for them. That being said, it does reflect on their work and their teachers next year will look at their ability to handle the work. This is a fourth-grade level test, so if a student is reading at a sixth grade level and does poorly on the SOL, that does raise some questions from their teacher next year.

The other ways to help your student is to remind them to take a break and slow down. We don't ask our students to sit still for three hours and test at any other time during the year. I encourage students to take a break after every reading passage just to clear their mind and get the blood flowing. However, I cannot say this to them once the test starts. The same with checking their work or slowing down. I have a script I must read and that is all the guidance I can give during the test.

As a reminder, we are testing Wednesday, May 13th for reading and Monday and Wednesday May 18th and 20th for math. Please check to see if you have any appointments scheduled for those days if you can move them, as makeups for SOLs can be more stressful for students.

The Jamestown Trio

Congratulations to Mrs. Deb Henshaw (Asher), Mr. John Ratcliffe (Ian) and Larry Sandridge (Devonta) on their selection to accompany us to Jamestown on May 29th. This brave trio will be riding in a small metal tube with 45 students and practicing their knowledge of movies like Frozen, Brave, and Big Hero 6. As a reminder, all permission slips and payment must be in by May 8th. Thank you.

Jamestown II Test

Jamestown tests coming home today to be signed and returned. If your child scored below an 80%, they may take a retest on Friday. The two scores will be averaged together. I normally do not do this, but the unit is so short, there are not very many other grades to make up for a test grade.