AP Lit Bits

Volume 6

Welcome to Our LAST Semester of High School English!

Why should you read The Revenant?

If you've seen the movie and think there's no point in reading the book, you're wrong! They are actually quite different, so the book and the movie are two very different experiences. It is an exciting story full of really interesting historical elements and, of course, a man intent on getting revenge.

Check out my Goodreads page to see what else I'm reading.

iPad Update - Action Required!

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 that fixes a number of connectivity issues. Therefore, the CISD Technology Department has asked that ALL students who are utilizing a CISD-issued iPad update to the new iOS ASAP!

It is best for this process to be done AT HOME so band width is not negatively impacted for all users at school.

Click this link for step by step instructions

Technology has asked that this update be completed as soon as possible. A report will be run on Monday, 1/25 of any devices that have NOT yet been updated, so please be certain to take care of this PRIOR to that day!

Check Out Some of the Cool Things We've Been Doing!

Apple Tours Welcome Video

What's Next?

We will be studying Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte as we enter the second semester. Learners will need to obtain a copy of the novel. It is available (for free!) on iBooks, and I bet there are copies at Half Price Books.

We will begin our study of the novel on Monday, February 1.

Total Registration Is Open!

Total Registration, the website we use to register students for AP exams, is open and can begin processing AP exam orders. TR allows for partial payments for the exams so payments can be spread out over several months rather than all money due at one time.

Exams will be $92 each.

Want to Contribute to Our Classroom Library?

If you would like to continue helping build our library, you are welcome to donate books that you no longer wish to keep at your home. We are looking only for books that our learners desire to read. Just send any books to school with your learner, and your family's donation will be remembered inside the book cover.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support inside and outside of the classroom!