Hillcrest High School Library

1st Six Weeks

Welcome to Another Great Year!

The 2016-2017 school year is underway and the Hillcrest Library is busy as ever. This year, we have set a goal to establish a reading culture at Hillcrest High School. Our first step is to ensure that all students have visited the library for an orientation on policies, procedures and available resources.

Thank you to the English department for bringing in your classes for this valuable workshop! We were able to work with 51 classes (about 1,200 students) to set up their district username/password and email accounts as well as present the value of reading for pleasure and how the research corresponds to academic reading success.

Students in each class were invited to select at least one book to checkout for the 1st six weeks. Doing so, we hope to establish a culture of reading for pleasure and letting our students become familiar with navigating the library independently.

The Hillcrest Library Club (which meets on A Days during 4th period) helped promote the national campaign regarding the freedom to read. Students designed flyers to be placed around the campus that highlighted the importance of defending everyone's right to read. Below, students pose for a display they created.

Year to Year Comparison

The Hillcrest Library saw a 748% increase in circulation statistics from the same time in 2015. This year, 1,255 books were checked out by students, 53 were renewed for extended reading and 34 books were read in-house.

We are looking forward to the 2nd six weeks where we have invited all Social Studies teachers to bring their classes in to learn about more resources available as well as to select and check out at least 1 book to read for the 2nd six weeks period.

World Cafe Reading Club

The WCBRC is made up of students of all grade levels and faculty/staff who choose and discuss books on a monthly basis. The club promotes literacy at our campus by volunteering at school events, and creates awareness for reading in our community by visiting feeder pattern elementary and middle schools to read to students.

The next World Cafe Reading Club meeting will be on Wednesday, November 2nd at 4:30 pm in the Library.

Here to Serve You!

As former classroom teachers, we love collaborating with our Hillcrest teachers to better serve our students. The library hosts a wide collection of books, ebooks, audiobooks and online databases that can serve your curriculum needs. Let's chat soon!

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