About Me

It’s always been my ambition to be the best at what I do. From the kitchen to the classroom, my primary goal is to maintain the highest standing achievable on the hierarchy. As a college freshman, I hope to be able to utilize my strong social skills, ability to work well with a variety of people, and strong work ethic to achieve everything I know I am capable of and more.

What I'm Looking For

A well-established university will not only give me the opportunity to work to my potential, but will give me the opportunity to excel as best as possible after receiving a degree.

What I Hope to Find

I hope to find a university that fits me as well as I fit it. Universities all offer so much, but it is crucial to my success that I find the university that I not only fit in, but excel in.


Byron Nelson High School, June 2015

Honors and Awards

ACT Composite: 33

Math: 35 English: 31 Science: 32 Reading: 34

SAT Composite: 1270

Math: 670 Verbal: 600 Writing: 570

AP Scholar w/ Distinction

AP Human Geography: 5

AP English III: 4

AP Chemistry, AP US History: 3

AP Calculus, AP English IV, AP Environmental Science: ?

Academic Top 10% - 9th/12th

GPA: 3.9/4.0 unweighted, 5.3/6.0 weighted

Academic All-District Tennis Player – 10th/11th/12th

Tennis Regional Quarterfinalist- 11th

Extra and Co- Curricular Activities

Varsity Tennis Player - 10th/11th/12th

15 hrs/wk

Future Business Leaders of America – 12th

2 hrs/wk

Peace Club – 11th/12th

2 hrs/wk

United States Tennis Association Competitor – 9th/10th/11th/12th

6 hrs/wk

Southlake Tennis Center Academy - 11th/12th

12 hrs/wk

Community Service


Direct support to developmentally disabled clients.

Assisted clients in setting and achieving reachable daily goals.


After school daycare center for elementary school students

Acted as role model for younger students to model behavior from.








Personality Traits

I’m a 17 year old guy who enjoys picking fun and making friends with people I wouldn't otherwise talk to. I’m middle eastern, but I look more like a Jewish boy than an Arab. I’m condescending and rude, but always soft in that I never hold grudges. I refuse to be unhappy.


My only fear is that I make the wrong choice. I know there is no wrong answer, but there are better answers. I hope to pick the best college to suit both me and my future aspirations.