Indians fight for independence

By: Michelle Gluck, and Chloe Woodward

Gandhi's Salt March

The March on the Salt Works - Gandhi (1981)

Gandhi tries to take over British salt

Gandhi and the Indians protested to get there salt back from the British, and also there freedom. The Indians were brutally beaten by the British soldiers when they tried to take control of the situation. When the Indians tried to take control the British beat them against the heat and the Indians started to bleed. There wives came to pick them up and carried them away from the soldiers to safety where they could not get hurt.

Also as the Indians were praying all together, as the British soldiers ambushed them. They attacked the Indians and killed most of the Indians by shooting where the group was the thickest. A lot of the Indians were killed from this huge massacre, and many were badly injured. When the British started to shoot some Indians went in a under ground unfinished wall to run away that is where the British were mostly shooting.

The Amritsar Massacre