Duval Virtual Spotlight

Executive Producer- Leslie Jones / Senior Editor-Donovan G.

Donovan Geoghegan (Photographer )

Former Douglas Anderson student Donovan Geoghegan utilizes the flexibility of Duval Virtual to improve his talents in the art of photography and journalism.
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In May of 2014, Ms. De Nisco was nominated by Mrs. Maccarone, Social Sciences Instructor, to serve on the Mayor’s Young Leaders Advisory Council. After an intensive application and interview process, in October of 2014, she became one of 50 diverse youth representing the unique needs of high school students in Jacksonville, FL. Mrs. Mac says that she thought of Jaime immediately because of her character and diligence.

Each year the group addresses one of the main issues affecting their peers. This past year they brought in colleges, businesses, and military academies so that the high school students could interview on site in order to address the issue of teen and young adult unemployment.

The students work in committees and Jaime says, “Through many group discussions and debates, I have worked with peers and two of Jacksonville’s mayors to come up with plans to better our city. I have been a part of revising and voting on the bylaws. In the Mayor’s Report Committee, as the Chair, I have been responsible for compiling outlines on the information gathered and presenting them to the Mayor. I have also been a part of advertising and public relations. Overall, I can definitely say that this council has pushed me and shaped me in a way that no other program has in my high school career. From learning more about politics to simply solving everyday problems, it has made me better-rounded as a person and most importantly as a leader. Also, I have become more able to work with people who come from a different cultural by finding similarities and areas we agree.”

If you are interested in representing DVIA, please let Mrs. Mac know.

Jazz Baldwin, Senior, Graphic Artist

I've been with virtual since 6th grade. I graduate this year and plan on going to FSCJ and then on to UNF! Over the years, I have appreciated the flexibility and convenience of doing virtual school. I am planning on getting a degree in graphic design.
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