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Hello HSE family. My name is Yasemin Buyukyalcin. I have been in Harmony Public Schools since 2019 as LOTE- Turkish teacher, SCL, PLC leader and Reading interventionist . Currently I am working on my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. At HSE I am doing my internship for Principal Certification Program that I expect to finish within a year. This year I will be serving our school community as the ESL coordinator and teacher. I have been teaching since 2005. I have lived in several countries such as Senegal, Mali, Mauritania and Kazakhstan and taught in middle/high schools there. I love learning and teaching languages and cultures as I believe that each culture has a motif of its own that adds up to the unique beauty of diversity. Additionally, I love reading, traveling, swimming, singing in languages I do not know, anything that involves music and of course my family. I have 3 kids, all enrolled in HSE. So, last but not the least, I am a proud HSE parent,too.
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Important Information regarding Student Attendance from Ms. Acosta

Ensuring that our students are at school every day is vital to a student’s success. The Texas attendance rules state that a student has to be in a class at least 90 percent of the time in order to get credit for the class. The 90 percent rule applies to most absences, including excused absences. The Student Handbook explains our school’s guidelines on absences, tardies, and making up missed schoolwork. Becoming familiar with the school’s policies will help you manage your child’s attendance and ensure that he or she avoids too many missed school days.

Although perfect attendance is the goal, it’s not always possible. Therefore, please keep the following points in mind:

  • If your student is absent you will have 3 days to provide a note by the parent or doctor otherwise, the attendance will stay as an unexcused absence.
  • The parent excuse note should state the following:
    1.) Full student name
    2.) Reason of absence in detail for record purposes.
    3.) The date(s) the student was absent.
  • Parent-written excuse notes need to be on letter-size paper(8X10). We will not accept sticky notes or torn-off pieces of paper
  • Three accumulated tardies are considered one absence.
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Important Reminders from our Dean of Culture -Ms. Tiffany Foster

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From our CNA, Ms. Sauceda

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Message from Ms. Brito

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If you received a letter regarding vaccines, it's because I do not have the most recent up to date shot record. I need it to update your child's health record for school. It is a requirement from the Texas health department. Please provide a copy via email at ibrito@harmonytx.org. If you realize that your child actually does not have the vaccines in question, please make an appointment as soon as possible to obtain these, as this can result in interruption for your child to continue attending school. All needed records should be turned in, no later than Sept 6th. Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter as we continue in keeping our children's health safe.

Thank you!


Each month the homeroom teacher will name one student character of the month based on the character trait listed for the corresponding month.

Prize for being the student character of the month:

1. Character Certificate

2. Picture taken for the bulletin board and recognized on Tiger Tribune

3. 100 PBA Points

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Important Reminders


Please do not drop off your student(s) at the school before 7:00am.

8th Graders and HSE HS Students who are dropped off in the morning

Dear Parents, please drop your 8th grader(s) or high schooler(s) off next to the side walk (which is the 3rd lane,-rightmost lane or outer lane). It keeps the traffic flowing and makes a shorter distance for the students to get to the sidewalk. After dropping them off, parents will still take the 3rd lane to drop off their HSE elem/middle school students at the North drop-off.

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Dismissal for High School Siblings

Effective Tuesday, September 6, 2022, if you have children that attend both at HSE Elementary campus and at HSE High campus, dismissal will be from HSE High instead of HSE Elementary.

How will this work:

  • Three employees from Harmony School of Excellence Elementary campus will gather the students at 3:10 P.M. At 3:15 P.M., the students will start to walk to HSE High by utilizing the soccer field.
  • You may pick up your child between the hours of 3:30 P.M. – 3:40 P.M. utilizing the car tag that was assigned to you at the beginning of the school year on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from HSE High.
  • On Wednesdays you will pick up your child between the hours of 2:40 P.M.- 2:50 P.M. from HSE High.
  • Please note, if we have inclement weather such as rain, hail, lightning, etc, you will have to go to both campuses to pick up your child. If your child has a club at HSE K-7, you will need to pick up your child on that day from the HSE Elementary campus.

If your child attends Harmony School of Advancement and they ONLY have a sibling at HSE Elementary campus, you will pick the students up at HSE Elementary campus from the North dismissal area.

If your child attends both HSE campuses you will pick them up at HSE High.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, we decided to make this change in order to have a smoother and faster dismissal for both campuses.

Please email mgordon@harmonytx.org or tiffany.foster@harmonytx.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Dismissal Time Reminder

Reminder: Student Dismissal starts at 3:15 P.M. and ends at 3:45 P.M. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday, dismissal will start at 2:26 P.M. and ends at 2:56 P.M.

Reminders to parents regarding Late Pickup

Parents, if you do not pick up your child by the dismissal time at 3:15-3:45 P.M on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 2:26-2:56 P.M. on Wednesday,, your child will be considered late pickup.

Late Pickup area will be at the Kindergarten-1st Grade dismissal area on the side of the school. Parents, you will have to get out of your car, walk to the door, and sign your child out before a Harmony employee releases your child.

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Advancement Siblings Pickup Reminder

Parents, all Harmony Advancement siblings are picked up from the North Dismissal Area. Please reference to the map below.
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Club Dismissal Information

Parents, you will come to pick up your child once their after school club is over at the Kindergarten-1st grade dismissal area. Please note, you will have a 10 minute grace period to pick up your child. For example: if the club ends at 4:00 P.M. you will have until 4:10 P.M. to pick up your child. If you do not pick your child up on time, you will have to come to the same area to pick up your child but will follow the late pick up expectations. If your child is picked up late three times, your child will not be allowed to participate in the club anymore and refunds will not be given. Please reference the map below.

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Report Card Schedule for the 22-23 School Year Released

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2022-2023 Academic Calendar

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Missing Something? Check the Lost & Found

Be sure to check the lost and found by the front office for missing items as soon as possible.Parents/guardians are welcome to check, as well.

Per the student/parent handbook, we will be clearing out unclaimed items every seven days. See the front office with any questions.

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