“Hoods” by Paul B. Janezco

Rachel Griffin

Explain the theme of the poem and how the author developed the theme.

The theme of the poem is that it is okay to run away from a fight. The author developed the theme through imagery. The imagery toward the beginning of the poem helped the reader get to "know" the gang (how they looked and worked). The imagery in the middle of the poem show the reader that he was running away because of their tough look. The imagery toward the end of the poem showed the reader how he escaped the guys by him running away from the fight.

Identify and explain the effect of every poetic device included in the poem.

There is a metaphor in the poem when it says, ”...they remind me of crows, huddled around a road kill.” The author used a metaphor in this poem to explain what the speaker thought of the boys. Additionally, there is a hyperbole in the poem when it says, ”They looked up, then back as Spider, who nodded once, setting them free toward me.” The author included the hyperbole to show how much the boys depended on Spider for their instructions. Furthermore, there is rhythm in the poem because of the short lines. The short lines in the poem help make the poem more intense for the reader. Lastly, there is repetition in the poem when it repeats the word pacing in lines 28 and 30. The effect of the repetition in this poem is that is shows that the speaker was extremely worried the gang was going to find him.

Explain the speaker and his/her/its attitude toward the subject.

The speaker’s attitude toward the subject is scared because when he had to run away from people who would have definitely killed him if they found him.

My colors/images on the flyer reflects the mood of the poem because the mood in the poem was eerie and them it shifted to relaxed, when he escaped. This is why I choose a dark background and they a light color for the background of the title (blue).