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January 15, 2016

The Food Project

During my reflection on our work in the Fall, I was consistently amazed by the questions your children asked. Their questions drive our investigation and help us deepen our understanding. Last week, I began to ask the children about their favorite parts of our work together. Many of them mentioned cooking as a favorite learning opportunity. This brought many questions to my mind for our new study. I asked the children to tell me what they wanted to cook, what they wanted to know about cooking, about food, about where their food comes from, and about what types of food they like or dislike.

Mrs. Cobb, "We love to cook together. What are some things you like to eat or things you think we should try to cook?"

Mariah, "I like pizza and fish sticks."

Bradley, "I like pizza, chicken nuggets, Chinese food, and popcorn."

Addison, "I would like to try some broccoli."

Kayla, "I like macaroni and cheese."

Noah, "I like cheese burgers."

Ryan, "I love to try fries!"

Breah, "I would like to try pizza and buttered popcorn."

Dexter, "I would like to try meatballs and noodles."

Terrah, "I want to try carrots, broccoli, and that's all."

Gunner, "I want to try tacos."

Ava, "I want to try carrots and broccoli."

Esther, "I love to cook a cake and then broccoli and then try new food."

Maddy, "I like to eat tomato and salad and cupcakes."

Aubrey, "I like cheese sticks."

Lilly Grace, "I want to try Korean food."

Braylon B., "I want to try African food because my mom said we might make some at my house."

Natalee, "I want to try broccoli, Korean food, Chinese food, and African food. I want to try a cheese quesadilla."

Braylon D., "I like carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, corn and Chinese food."

Isabella, "I want to try to make Mexican food. My grandpa is from Mexico."

Since many of our students like to buy food from the cafeteria, this also brought up many questions. During our Monday walk we met the man who delivers the food to the school. We learned that he comes every Monday. The food comes from a company in Clanton, Alabama. We decided to brainstorm more questions for him and meet him on his next delivery.

Some Books from our Week

Roasted Carrot Chips

1. Peel outer layer of carrots and wash

2. Chop carrots into thin slices and toss in olive oil and salt

3. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes

4. Cool and enjoy

Making Lemon Ice

Blake Harrison from "The Coffee Bean" brought his shaved ice machine to PRS on Friday. He taught us how they shave the ice for treats in his store. We learned that it takes three days to freeze the large chunk of ice all the way through. He said if the ice is not frozen properly, that the machine will not work correctly.

Since we are learning about food, We decided to make our own lemon flavoring with fresh squeezed lemons and a little sugar. We added our lemon juice to the shaved ice to make a tasty treat!

Mr. Harrison also shaved enough ice that we were able to add some to our sensory table. We pretended that it was snow.

The Pledge of Allengiance

Our class had a turn to lead the whole school in the Pledge of Allegiance on Tuesday.
MVI 6053


This week we welcomed our new intern. Ms. Townsend is an education major from Troy University. She will be working with us for the next eight weeks. We are excited to get to know her!

Below is a welcome message from Ms. Townsend.

"Dear K2 Families,

My name is Lerkeno Townsend. I am from Troy, Alabama. In my spare time, I enjoy reading mystery and romance novels, watching my favorite television shows (Chopped, Unsolved Mysteries, and Forensic Files), traveling, and playing tennis. I have had the pleasure of traveling to three different countries: Turkey, Greece, and France. I can speak Spanish. My passion to become a teacher is credited to my high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Pamela Merkel. Mrs. Merkel required her Spanish III and Spanish IV students to teach at Troy Elementary School, for forty-five minutes every Friday during the first nine weeks of the second semester. From day one, I fell in love with the kids and their passion for learning Spanish.


Lerkeno Townsend"

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Feel Better Friends!

This week we had two sweet friends home most of the week with a bad virus. We made a little picture video to help them feel better. We hope they recover quickly because our little family is not complete without them!
Friends in K2

Music: Carol King, You've Got A Friend

Tapestry, 1971

The 100 Day

We will celebrate our 100th day of school on Friday, January 29, 2016.

We have planned a fun day where the children will experience the number "100" through many different activities. To help us visualize what 100 objects look like, we are asking that each child decorate a plain t-shirt with 100 items on it. Due to the cold weather conditions we ask that all children wear a long sleeved shirt under their t-shirt so they are more comfortable. Some ideas to use as decorations are stickers, googly eyes, fabric paint, cotton balls, buttons, pom-poms, safety pins, stamps, etc. The lighter weight the item, the easier it is to glue, stick, or attach 100 things to the shirt. Fabric paint is an excellent decoration because it is lightweight and doesn’t fall off. Have fun creating any shirt that you would like with 100 items on it. Please have your child wear their shirt on Friday, January 29th as we celebrate the 100th day of school!

This year each class will have a fashion show at school to model our 100 collections. Attached to this note you will find a card. Please complete the sentences describing your child’s t-shirt and return the card to school on our 100th day. During the fashion show, your child’s teacher will read the card while your child models his/her creation!

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A Note From The PRS P.E. Department

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