Special Education News Update

January 19, 2015

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said,

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?"

Important Information:


If you haven't seen a PLAAFP in Tienet yet today, you should check it out! Tienet FINALLY changed from those skinny columns to something that looks professional and makes sense to look at!


Please let your building secretaries know about IEPs that you have scheduled. Please add them to your building's Google Calendar as well! If you would like to forward email your secretaries a copy of the IEP invitation that is sent from ESA, that would be ok!

Staff Changes:

Please let Molly know if you have interns coming in to work with you and when they leave (at the end of the semester/year). It is helpful to have knowledge of or some information about who's intern is where. Thank you!

Please keep in mind....

Spring Assessments:

Please be proactive in thinking about supports, considerations, and accommodations that students will need for the Spring Assessments.


Happy Birthday! (January)

13th- Lyndsay Juday

17th - Angie Foster

18th- Gale Bunch (Middle School)

18th- Sandy Schreiber

31st - Venessa Bobinac

Very Important Announcement and Celebration:

Kayci Whitmore is expecting her first baby in July! Congratulations!!!

Very Important Announcement and Celebration:

Brandon Pung is expecting another baby in May! Congratulations!!!

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • February 5, 6 2015 Parent Teacher Conferences (Everyone except Richland)
  • Feb 5 = Students all day. Kellogg, Ryan, MS, and HS conferences 5-8 pm

    Feb 6 = No Students. Kellogg, Ryan, MS and HS conferences 9-12 & 1-4 pm.

    Richland teachers off (optional work day)

  • February 11, 2015 Count Day (all IEPs due on or before Feb 11, must be completed by Feb 6 (due to snow days and conferences this deadline has been extended to Feb 6)
  • February 18, 2015 PLCs
  • February 24 = Richland conferences 4:15- 8:45 pm

    February 26 = Richland Conferences 4:15 -8:45 pm

  • March 18, 2015 PLCs
  • March 23, 2015 Progress Reports Due
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