Where is Middle Earth?



If you have ever been to east TN, you will know why it is similar to Middle Earth. There are hills that, like Bilbo's house, are covered in moss. Tennessee has caves, and fields that are just waiting to be discovered. They want for life to come and in-habit them. The only thing you can see if you are in a field, is the next top of the hill in front of you. The people there would speak a deformed type of English, with new words, or letters of the alphabet that are pronounced differently than we know today. They would wear traditional clothes, like we do today. The men would wear button-up shirts and Capri pants, while the women would wear dresses of all kinds.

More about "Middle Earth."

I think TN would be a good Middle Earth because there are so many scenes in The Hobbit where I can think of an exact spot in Tennessee, that looks like what I imagined. In The Hobbit, Tolkien tells us that Bilbo lives in a hill covered in a grass of some sort, maybe moss. In Tennessee, there is a hill that looks exactly like a Hobbit House with no door. The mountains almost look like they have been painted they are so breathtaking.When the skyline clears, and you can see the great peaks, it reminds me of the Misty Mountains. On their journey, it tells us that there are many paths that are dead ends, and only some lead in the right directions. I can only remind myself to wake up from my dream-like stance when I am starring into the horizon, looking at the beautiful sky, and mountains.When in the book, the dwarfs and Bilbo are hiding from the giants and the horrific storm, they go into a cave. The cave is big enough to fit the whole "gang" and the ponies. TN has so many caves that I think of when I read that scene. Its a perfect match: Middle Earth & Tennessee.

Could this reaally be Middle Earth?

Some people will say no, and they have their reasons. One of those reasons might be that Middle Earth would be a country not a piece of a county, or a state. I get why some people would say that. But Tolkien never specified which. Tennessee matches very well with what we know to be Middle Earth, so until, or if, we find more information about this world that Tolkien created, TN fits very well.


Tennessee is a good match for Tolkien's world, Middle Earth. There are Hobbit Holes, magical mountains (as well as hills), and majestic caves. And that is not even all of it. There is so much more mystery that we may never find out about TN. As well as Middle Earth. Tennessee might just be the Middle Earth Tolkien never discovered.