Flipped learning @ EPHS

Issue 1

What is the 'flipped classroom'?

The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering content online to allow lesson time to be used to apply the knowledge learnt. This means that teacher’s time can be more effectively used to support and challenge students. The cornerstone of the flipped learning model is access to online content. This could be in the form of online lectures, journals or Youtube videos. Students that are immersed in the flipped learning model exhibit heightened skills of independent learning. Greater independent learning will positively affect attainment. The flipped learning model actively encourages students to seek out information for themselves.

1) The teacher directs students to online content (or makes online content for them!) to prepare for the next lesson

2) Students engage with the app, website, video etc

3) Lesson time is used to apply, test out, create using the new found knowledge

We are using this model with KS5 students to help with the transition to Sixth Form and equally on to higher education.

So what great things are going on @ Elthorne?

Each bulletin I will try and 'show case' some great flipped practice going on in a KS5 lesson. This week it is Al Grant and the wonders of Popplet....(by the way he doesn't even need to be in the classroom! *Disclaimer:this is not recommended)

More 'home grown' talent

EPHS students have suggested apps and websites (scroll to the bottom of the page)


EPHS Science Youtube channel (worth watching just for Pete's intro!)


EPHS channel (some early vids from English and History)


To make it easier to upload and organise, each department needs its own Youtube channel. We can then link from the Elthorne channel.

Additional links

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