Weekly Memo - 9/28 to 10/4

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Last week was crazy, but good. This week should be a bit low-key. Keep working hard!

National GEAR UP Week

Thank you to everyone for their hard work on National GEAR UP Week! I had a chance to get around to some events and was very pleased with the effort and participation. I was also able to meet quite a few of our SC GEAR UP students. We truly do work with some awesome students in the cohort. Special recognition for the Sonya Carroll for her work at FDTC's GEAR UP Day, Yvette Miller for her Parent Night and Dinner at St. Johns and Tiffany Brown & Emmanuel Wheeler for their Joint Parent night in Beaufort County!

If you notice on the SCCANGO website I tweeted from every event I attended last week. Continue to send my pics of your events last week and we will put them up. Great job everyone!

College Application Month events

Please make sure you are attending your CAM events and, more importantly, that the Coaches are attending and supporting them. They will bare the responsibility of CAM next year for our cohort, so they should be walking hand and hand with the counselor to see how it is being done. They should also do some type of "Junior" activity with our cohort that runs alongside the CAM event.


This is most important for data collection purposes.

College Goal SC Event Registration

Event Registration for College Goal SC will open this week through SCCANGO. I will notify you all when it opens. Remember all SC GEAR UP High Schools must host a College Goal event this year. I think it might be good to hold events even if you have one in your proximity, simply because most of the colleges will traditionally hold their events on the statewide date of 2/27. This may not work for the high schools, and so it may be good to give our parents options. Remember, College Goal is a family event and, unlike CAM, parents have to be involved to submit a FAFSA in most cases. Stay tuned.

Budget and Award Letters for 2015-16

I am finalizing award letters today and tomorrow. If you can, please send me your availability in the office or time where you can talk if needed. You should be sending me your schedule anyway, but I really need to know when you are open today and tomorrow in case I have questions.

COMPASS/Dual Credit Update

Let's make this a report week. Everyone send me a by school synopsis on how the programs are running. Identify any challenges your teachers are facing so that we can alert the team and also identify things that are working well. Report's due by Friday October 2, 2015 at 12:30pm.

Head's Up

I may be out of the office next week for jury duty. I will let you know if I'm selected and we will develop a plan for communication moving forward for next week. You will have all the support you need in the office though, so no worries.


I've sent your dates to the Group I'm working with the ACT/SAT Prep. If you didn't give me a date then you should send me one soon. I'm trying to work it out so that everyone gets the group for at least one day in the Fall and one in the Spring. The group comes highly recommended.

Objectives for 2015-16

The SCGU Grant objectives for 11th grade will be that 1) At least 25% of our cohort will have passed at least 2 math courses above Algebra by the end of 11th grade; 2) 80% of our students will pass U.S. History by the end of 11th grade.

Remember, the success of the SC GEAR UP Grant will be judged on three things:

1) Did your GU cohort graduate high school at a higher rate than the non GU cohorts?

2) Did your GU cohort enroll at a post-secondary institution at a higher rate than the non GU cohorts?

3) How prepared to succeed were our GU cohort when they arrived at college?


We meet on Tuesdays to go over the Program and sign invoices. Questions usually come up. Be available between 1:30 and 3:00 for a potential call or text.


CCTI course begins Wednesday. We did meet the goal of getting it to be at least half GEAR UP. Still not enough counselor participation though. Let's keep working on that for the Spring.

College Access/Social Media Update

The SC GEAR UP Facebook and Twitter are now both up!!!! Please have the coaches encourage students to like and follow SC GEAR UP on social media. We can do better on Twitter and certainly on Facebook.

Don't forget about the newsletters as well!

We have set a date of February 27th, 2015 for College Goal SC statewide!!! Please keep in mind that every SC GEAR UP School is required to serve as a College Goal site (or partner with a neighboring site) this year. Your dates don't have to be on the 27th though.