Fantastic Fourth Grade

Week of Demeber 15th

Important Reminders

  • Spelling Bee is Tuesday at 1:30
  • Division Quiz on Wednesday.
  • Friday is Dollar Dress up Day and it is wear your PJs.
  • Friday the Holiday Party is at 8:45
  • Friday is Early Release: We get out at 12:45

Remember to Join us on Friday at 8:45 for our Holiday Party!


This week in math we are continuing with division strategies. We are focusing on word problems and deciding if they are multiplication or division.

Social Studies

We are continuing to learn about the explorers and countries that settled the land that is now Texas. We are talking about people such as Coronado, La Salle, Onate, and Cabeza de Vaca.

Help for the Holiday Pary

If you would like to help or bring something for the holiday party please email our room mom, Connie Harrison at