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Weekly newsletter for staff 15th February 2019


As we are a church school, I thought I would start to use this space as an area for spiritual reflection based on a lovely book I have. Let me know what you think...

This week a reflection on the over-active child

We all know one. They are like a rubber ball: always bouncing around, usually in the wrong place. Their work - when they do some - is a mess, and all their brains seem to be used for is finding new ways to be cheeky or to disrupt others. They can't sit still for an instant; even other children start to get tired of the chaos they cause.

So what do we do about these children, Lord?

We know they are made in your image and we should love them as you love us, but sometimes that can be so hard. I don't know the answer, Lord and I need your help to reach their fizzing minds and all that misused energy to find ways to channel them into something positive.

I know that with God nothing is impossible; so if you can hear me, I could really use your help.

Have a lovely weekend,

Karen x

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Claire Thandi will be off all next week again- Helen Butler will be covering.
  • Tea and Coffee - Your next instalments are due for this term please
  • Cake sales - FOKF have asked about the cake sales starting again to raise money for your own class. Again if you have a date in mind please let me know.
  • Timetables - Please can class teachers let me have a copy of their weekly timetable on a Monday each week.
  • Staff Meetings - Please see the dates attached below for the rest of this term

Tuesday 18th Feb - Purple Mash

Tuesday 5th March - Book Look at Sherburn Hungate PS

W/C 11th March - Parents Evening

Tuesday 19th March - Feedback from Book Look/ marking Policy

Thursday 28th March - KS1 Writing Moderation

Tuesday 2nd April - KS2 Writing Moderation

Thursday 11th April - Kirk Fenton Book Look

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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 18th -

  • Helen Butler in YR all day
  • KH out all day
  • KW in Nursery am
  • 11:00 Isabel YHTA to see JMcK
  • 13:30 Ian Yapp to see KW
  • 15:30 KF meeting James Y2 teacher Sth Milford

Tuesday 19th -

  • SB Thrive Course
  • 09:00 Amelia Formstone to see AG & OD (YR)
  • 09:30 Year 1 Assembly
  • 09:30 Sue Smith EP to see OD (YR)
  • 09:45 Rebecca Pyle to observe JM (Y5) with KW
  • 10:30 KW meeting Martyn Sibley
  • 15:30 Staff Meeting - Purple Mash
  • 18:30 Governors' Meeting

Wednesday 20th -

  • 08:00 KW to MAT HT Meeting
  • 09:00 Sue Coward to see pupils (Y2 & Y5)
  • 13:00 SD to EYFS Maths Moderation @ Sth Milford
  • 14:00 KW & JMcK meeting Melissa Boyes CFO
  • 15:30 EB meeting parent (HW Y5)
  • GM PE Network

Thursday 21st -

  • Helen Butler in Y1 am
  • 09:30 Hedwig Assembly
  • 11:00 JMcK to Finance Meeting
  • 11:00 Catherine Martin S&L to see AG (YR)
  • 13:00 Y5&6 x10 girls to football Sth Milford
  • 15:30 Parent to see KW (SB Y1)

Friday 22nd -

  • Wellness Day
  • 09:30 Val Law to see EB
  • 10:00 KW & BH Fire Risk Assessment
  • 10:45 SB out
  • 13:30 CAMHs to see FD (Y6)
  • 15:30 HALF TERM
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Thank you's and Well done's.....

Thanks to Siobhan for all the work you have done with a pupil this week - you are amazing!

Thanks to Emma from Claire for 'looking out for me when I needed it this week'

Thanks to everyone who was inconvenienced when I was off - but it doesn't say who it is from!

Thanks to Lydia and Amy for the wall of positivity that they put up in the staff room

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

Kate who has a significant birthday on Monday 18th February