Gray Wolf

By: K.S


  • Males weigh 70-145 pounds(Nat. Wildfire. Fed)
  • Females weigh 60-100 (Nat. Wildfire. Fed)
  • Fur color can very from creamy white, reddish-brown, gray and black (Wiki)
  • Body length is 4-5 ft long (TX. PK. Wildfire)
  • Live up to 15 years in captivity, wild 8-13 (Nat. Wildfire. Fed)
  • Front paws have 5 toes back have 4 (Wiki)

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Carnivores
  • Eat large herbivores like deer, elk, moose, and caribou (Def. of. Wild)
  • Can eat up to 20 pounds of food in one meal
  • Found in forest, woodland, bush lands, and grasslands (TX. PK. Wildfire)
  • Located in Alaska and northern Michigan, Wisconsin, and Idaho
  • Also in Yellowstone area of Wyoming


  • Live in packs of 2-15 that can expand to 30 (Nat. Wildfire. Fed)
  • Communicate through body language (Wiki)
  • Howling can send certain messages (Wiki)
  • Has a unique sense of smell (Hare 186)
  • Can hear animals from 33 feet away (Hare 186)

Reason for Endangerment & Critical Information

  • Conflict with people over livestock (Def. of. Wild)
  • Killed to protect livestock (Def. of. Wild)
  • Human encroachment, which is habitat loss (Def. of. Wild)
  • Unregulated hunting (Sierra Club)
  • Negative Stereotypes (Sierra Club)
  • People are defending the Endangered Species Act (Sierra Club)
  • Securing wolf habitat in the Yellowstone area of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana (Sierra Club)
  • People need to start helping out in any way you can to keep these creatures alive
  • You can donate money to the Endangered Animal Foundation to keep these animals safe in this wold