Media Diamond Fall 2015

Lower Richland High School Library

Welcome Back

The library staff would like to welcome everyone back to another terrific year at Lower Richland High School. We are really excited about this year and look forward to working with each of you. We extend a special welcome to the new principal, Mr. Kelvin Lemon and other new faculty and staff members who are joining us here in the Diamond Mine. The library staff members are Mrs. Rhonda Anderson, School Librarian and Mrs. Lucretia Simons, Library Media Assistant.

Digital Learning Environment (DLE)

“The vision for the DLE initiative is to transform teaching and learning in Richland One to provide personalized learning opportunities for all students in grades 3-12,” said Richland One Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon. “Our students will have added, ongoing experiences to learn in a digital environment that will be more collaborative and engaging. Students will be able to expand their learning to go beyond the walls of the school or the pages in a given textbook.”

Please be aware that DLE distribution is not the only responsibility of the library staff. As we continue to work to get the devices into the hands of our students, we ask for your cooperation and patience. Students may come to the library before school and during their lunch period to pay for and pick up their devices. Students should not be sent out of class unless they have been called for by the library staff.

Annual Reading Rocks Literary Celebration

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 9am-1pm

Sanders Middle School, Columbia, SC

Mark your calendar and plan to attend Richland One's Annual Reading Rocks Literary Celebration. The theme for this year is "Reading Rocks with Families". Each school is being asked to produce a school photo album for display at Reading Rocks. The photo album should show:

  • School events
  • Student's families
  • Staff member's families
  • Literary events
  • Athletic Events
  • Special school celebrations and events

If you have pictures that you would like to be included in the photo album, please send a copy to Mrs. Anderson in the library or you may email me at