Math Autobiography

Ms. Sansom's Math Journey

I AM...

I am a math student who has had a bumpy math journey.
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I wonder...

how to solve complex word problems.

I hear Mrs. Summer's teaching me how to calculate equations in ninth grade algebra.

I see my mom teaching her sixth grade students about fractions.

I want to always remember how student's can feel anxious when learning math concepts for the first time.

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I am...

a student who gets nervous on math test.

I pretend that don't get nervous anymore about learning new math. (because, sometimes I still do!)

I feel ecstatic when I succeed at solving a math problem.

I touch manipulatives when I need help visualizing a math problem.

I worry about trying new ways of solving math concepts.

I cry when I have so solve proofs in Geometry.

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I want...

to be a teacher who gives her students all the support they need to excel in math.

I understand that many students get nervous about math, just like I use to.

I say practice makes progress.

I dream of my students always completing their math homework (and showing all their work!)

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I try...

to encourage my students to not give up on math!

I hope that my students always give their best effort in math.

I am a teacher who LOVES to teach math.

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