Room 212 News #31

May 1, 2016

This Week:

  • No School Tuesday - Election Day, Please Vote
  • Wednesday - NWEA math test, afternoon
  • Thursday - Field Trip to Hands-On Museum (need sack lunch/drink) Please let me know if your child will need a sack lunch from school so I can place the order.

Problem Solving with Light and Sound

Ask your student about his/her team's tool that was designed and built last week. Teams were required to use certain materials to create a tool that could help a group lost in the woods to contact another group. This scenario came from a story Ms. Dawson read early in the unit.
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What's My Rule?

Using a diagram called a "function machine," students are looking at rules and determining what comes out of the machine when you put certain numbers in. Or, given the in/out numbers, can we find the rule? This is great practice thinking about addition and subtraction in flexible ways.

Huron Health Fair

We visited the Huron Health Fair last week in the atrium. Our class learned about healthy habits and various medical tools from high school students who are planning careers in medicine.

Writer's Workshop

We have launched our All About Book research. Ask your student about his/her topic. Please feel free to look up facts and send in information with your student. Mrs. Rhode has provided us trial access to an awesome database called PebbleGo, perfect for early elementary research. See link below (access through May 5).

Word Study

In the last few weeks we have been reviewing words with digraphs (ch, sh, wh, th). Students have also been creating words with "silent e." We have been learning about synonyms - words that mean about the same thing (happy/glad, skinny/thin) and will have several centers matching synonyms.

Spring NWEA Testing

The NWEA math test will be on May 4 in the afternoon. We will return to the lab next week for make-up testing, and to complete the reading test.

May Field Trips

May 5 - Hands-On Museum

May 12 - New Date for Kensington trip

May 20 - Henry Ford Museum

Fact Families on a Triangle

Wondering what to do with all the triangles coming home with the homework? They can be used as flashcards. Once your child has cut them out, you can cover the top of the triangle with your finger and your child must figure out the sum of the bottom numbers. Or, cover a lower corner, and your student is finding the answer to a subtraction fact. The black dot should always be at the top.

Volunteer During Centers

Currently we have help from college students or parents on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We welcome help during Guided Reading/centers or Guided Math/centers, if you are available.

  • Tuesday, 10:00am or 1:10pm
  • Thursday, 10:25am or 1:40pm

Let me know if you are interested!

Dates to Remember:

  • 5/3 No School - election day
  • 5/12 PTO meeting at Pattengill 6pm
  • 5/18 Lunch with Loved One at Bryant (19th at Patt)
  • 5/20 6:00 - 8:30 Ice Cream Social at Pattengill
  • 5/26 7pm First Grade Spring Sing concert