Grant Family Focus

Monday September 19, 2016

The mission of Grant school is to create a structured, safe and caring learning environment where all students can acquire the academic and life skills they need in order to be successful.

Upcoming Dates

Monday September 19-

Wednesday September 21-

  • 7:00-7:45 Educational Leadership Breakfast Discussion (**If you are interested in trying a Google Hangout, a few people suggested we set something up. We will try it at 9:00 pm that evening. I will share information on how to join Wed.)
  • Zones of Regulation Meeting beginning at 2:15 in IMC; Committee Meetings to follow

Thursday September 22-

  • Squirting of Shirts Begins
  • 5:30-7:00- PBIS Kick-off (We will discuss display of Seesaw accounts at Grade level meetings this week)

Wednesday September 28-

  • 8:00-12:00- Picture Retake Day
  • 2:15- (Optional) My Learning Plan Training

Wednesday October 3- 2:15 My Learning Plan Training; SLO Work time

Wednesday October 10- Staff Meeting/Professional Development 2:15-3:45

2016-17 Attendance Action Plan

Action Plan Link

Attendance Goal- At least 85% of our students will attend school at least 90% of the time (<18 absences or <1 absence per month)

-When this goal is implemented:

  • Students will…

    • Have full access to a quality education

    • Have participated in all district/state assessments to assess

    • Receive recognition quarterly for high levels of attendance

  • Teachers will…

    • Receive weekly/bi-weekly updates to the attendance action plan

    • Receive quarterly calendars for students with attendance concerns

    • Communicate with families at early stages of absence/tardy
  • Measured by....

News and Notes

PBIS- Please drop off your classroom matrix in the folder in the office. Also, please complete this short form- Classroom Systems with details of your classroom acknowledgement/consequence system. I will share the results next week, so please fill out by Friday, September 23.

School Entrances- Periodically, the locked doors to the main building entrance have been found to be propped open and left open. If there is a need to prop the doors for student entrance or exit or for another reason, please remember to remove the wedge and secure the doors once again. Also, remind students we do not admit visitors to the school though any entrances unless they arevbuzzed in through the main office entrance.

Socials- We will once again sign-up to organize a monthly social for staff by grade/department. Last year we had a variety of activities for staff to gather, socialize and/or eat lunch organized by one group. The office will plan to organize the September date. (Date TBD)

PTO- PTO would like to invite any staff who are able to attend the PTO Meeting in Monday in the IMC at 3:30. PTO has decided to change their meeting structure and time to allow for more parents and staff to attend.

Spaceport- 4th grade teachers received an email this week about a district sponsored field trip to the Spaceport. I met this week with a parent who represents the Spaceport and he mentioned that they are trying to develop a program for a variety of student ages. Nan Minster and I also are planning to begin developing a Maker Space area in the IMC (click here for MakerSpace Concept). If you have any interest in learning more about the options the Spaceport or MakerSpace offers let me know.

Desks- Check out the picture gallery below of the innovative desks two staff members are trying out. Chris Conway wrote a Grant to the Sheboygan Education Foundation to purchase exercise balls for her students and Mandy Metropolis put a request out on ( a large part of her request was funded by Mr. Herb Kohl when he funded $500,000.00 in WI school requests on the website).

Evaluation System- I hope to start min-observations in the next week. I will start with those on Summative first. Look for an email that indicates dates and times for observations. We will be spending some time looking at the new platform, My Learning Plan for everyone. I will plan on sharing on the following dates: Wednesday 9/28 at 2:15 IMC (Prep time on Wed. schedule) or Wednesday 10/5 at 2:15 IMC (SLO worktime). Use this page (MYLP) if you are interested in looking around the new page. SLO's are due by the end of October.

On the Spot Assessment Tools

On-the-Spot Assessment Tools

In this AMLE Magazine article, Ohio district administrator Bryan Drost recommends eight free digital tools to check for understanding and maximize student involvement:

• Padlet is a virtual wall on which students can express thoughts on a topic. It’s also possible to embed audio and video and have students join a threaded discussion.

• Recap is a video-based assessment tool that allows teachers to pose a question, have students respond with a short video recorded on a cell phone, and then get feedback.

• Today’s Meet allows students to engage in live “backchannelling” while a classroom activity or video is taking place.

• Active Prompt allows teachers to upload any image and ask students a question about it; students move a dot on their device to indicate their answer.

• Flubaroo is a plug-in for Google Sheets that allows teachers to quickly score student quizzes.

• Zaption allows teachers to take already-made videos (like a YouTube clip), publish interactive lessons, and track student understanding.

• Nearpod and Pear Deck and allow teachers to embed interactive assessments into a slide deck and get student responses via their cell phones.

• Quizlet Live allows students to practice teamwork and communication skills while the teacher checks for understanding.

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