Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Designing and Communicating with Technologies

Learning Through Design

What is a design?

-An ubiquitous activity that infiltrates all aspects of our lives,

How do people engage in forms of design?

-writing software programs

-designing buildings

-designing a new car (and its 10,000 components)

-composing music, plays, articles, poems, etc.

-decorating a cake or home interiors (exteriors)

Computer-Aided Design Programs (CAD)

-invented in the early 1960s

- aid designers in visualization by enabling them to virtually build and then examine their ideas, and make changes in their design structural features, color, or surface texture

- i.e. Google's SketchUp

Google SketchUp

-help designers visualize the buildings or rooms they created "from the ground up"

-from 2-D shapes to 3-D objects

Other Design Programs and Software

Trebuchet Simulator Program

-enables students to run a virtual design of a device throwing a projectile before they ever touch a saw, select a counterweight, or design a trigger for an actual prototype

- i.e. Gravity-driven Catapult


-a software that empowers users to create object-based programs that manipulate digitized video and audio

- i.e. Photoshop


- software enables designers as young as elementary students to create their own animated movies and time-lapse recordings

-using Mac computer, digital camera, or webcam students can capture and then compose animations

Agent Sheets

-program designed to foster K-12 student participation in STEM fields through design of application using its technology

Designing Music with Composition Software

Composition Software

-a pedagogically powerful, elegant, and free piece of software for design music

Tune blocks

-area is the place where music chunks or motifs can be found and stored-can assign tune blocks a color or abstract pattern to help them identify one from another


-area of the programs main window


-groups of musical sound


-are where the relative relationship of individual notes according to pitch, rhythm or both can be seen

Related Programs and Technologies

Music Sketch Pad

-is an online music composition environment that is designed for use by primary school children

Design Compass

-another software technology that supports students' design work and thinking

-using this software student create a log of the strategies they utilize when designing

Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox : The Making Of The Album

How Can You Communicate with Technology?

-there are many ways that technology devices and Internet resources can assist in the information and collaborative work of communities

-i.e. different types of discussion boards

Asynchronous Discussion Boards

Threading- the ability to respond to messages and have those responses clustered in sequence under the original posting

- i.e. computer conferencing systems

Other Discussion Boards

-ePALs-teachers can utilize discussion through website to extend and support a variety of curriculum requirements

-voice thread-a Web-based application that allow people to hold an asynchronous conversation around media files, including photos, slide presentations, documents, and video

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Exchanging Ideas Synchronously

How do you Share Information with Presentation Technologies?


-PowerPoint, Goggle Presentations, Slide share, and Prezi


-Interactive White Boards

Skype – Watching your pet


-is an audio recording that is saved as an MP3 file and made available on the Internet through RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

-enables anyone to become an independent producer and distributor of audio or video content that can be offered worldwide through the Internet

- i.e. sports channels like ESPN