Character Analysis: Matt Eversman

Black Hawk Down

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My name is Dylan and i'm writing to you because I know for a fact that you have been through a lot of fighting a war which was only suppose to take an hour, but ended up taking a whole night. Well, I am going through a war in my English class trying to stay caught up with assignments. This is one way we can relate our situation even though your situation was a lot more brutal and life risking. Another thing we have in common is that we struggle to finish but we both get right back up to achieve our goals.

Battle of Mogadishu

Here is Matt Eversman, a soldier so far away from home.

He has the feeling fear.

Tears and sweat falling from his face.

He must feel some sorrow,

will he be here tomorrow?

A strong solider who feels so alone.

Matt Everman, the solider stands strong

with his head held high.

There to protect the people and families from others and falls to the ground.

Starts to cry but he got up strong to go on.

He continue to battle and strive to stay alive,

Matt Everson knows he will soon be going home.

Metallica - One [Official Music Video]


Dear Matt

My name is Dylan Rivera and I am writing you this letter to give you advice about the terrible event that you were in. I cant imagine how much pain you went through. My advice to you is that even though that war is over keep being the caring person you are. I'm very impressed with your achievements.

Metallica: One (Live - The Night Before - San Francisco, CA - 2016)


1. What inspired you to go to war or to become a solider?

2. Did you think of the outcome if you lost your life in battle?

3. Was it very frightening when you got onto the battle field in Somalia?

4. The love of your wife and family, how did that come into play?

5. Do you think the choice you made could have disrupt their happiest?

Metallica "One" song Lyric


Has taken my sight

Taken my speech

Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell.

Line from the book

" awful slap of bullets into flesh and heard the screams and saw the insides of men's bodies spill out and watched the gray blank parlor rise in the faces of their friends, and the best of the men fought back despair. They were America's elite fighters and the were going to die here, outnumbered by this determined rabble. Their future was setting with this sun on this day and in this place.”