DartmouthX Update

July 25, 2014

This online newsletter is one of a series of bi-weekly updates to keep you informed about what's going on with the DartmouthX project. The newsletter is produced by the project management team - we hope you find it helpful!

DartmouthX Courses, Teams and Activities

Environmental Science: People, Energy, Global Change (February 1, 2015)

Andy Friedland (faculty)
Emily Lacroix
Jacob Ebersole
Mike Goudzwaard
Barbara DeFelice
Mike Murray

  • Working course title has been defined (see above).
  • Course outline has been drafted; content is being defined.
  • ENVS "design jam" was held on July 22.
  • Current work is focused on developing the course's edX "About" page and prototyping Week 4 of course content.

Structural Engineering (Spring, 2015)

Vicki May (faculty)
Adrienne Gauthier

Jared Benedict
Janifer Holt

Jay Beaudoin

  • Team kickoff session scheduled for July 29.
  • ENGS "design jam" scheduled scheduled for August 1.

Intro to Opera (2015)

Steve Swayne (faculty)
Mike Goudzwaard
Pat Fisken
Dan Maxell Crosby

  • Team kickoff session pending.

19th Century American Literature (2015)

Don Pease (faculty)
Jed Dobson (faculty)
Ashley Kehoe
Laura Braunstein
Others (TBD)

  • Team kickoff session pending.

Course Design Jam Sessions

As reported in the last newsletter, we are coordinating a 6-hour "design jam" session with each course team soon after the course kickoff meeting - the Environmental Science team had their design jam this week. The purpose of the design jam is to help the course team identify the scope, approach, effort and decisions related to their DartmouthX course.

Each design jam will be focused on the specific needs of each course and facilitated by our colleagues at edX. Here's a summary of the content and outcomes of the session:

Design & Development Overview

  • Best practices: innovations and examples
  • Pitfalls to avoid

Design Deep Dive

  • Course goals and challenges

Course Requirements Review

  • "About" page content
  • Weekly course content

Content Deep Dive

  • Content elements: video/media, assessment/grading, student participation/community, textual content
  • Prototype week

Course Development/Project Management

  • Nuts and bolt of building the course
  • Preliminary timeline

These sessions will help each course team "get their heads around" the work of designing, building and delivering their DartmouthX course.

Other DartmouthX News

What is Dartmouth's interpretation of "fair use" in the DartmouthX world? The project management team will be working with the Library and the Office of the General Counsel to answer this question and provide guidance to the DartmouthX course teams. More information on this topic will be forthcoming.

edX: Communities of Practice Webinars

As you may know, edX recently began hosting weekly/biweekly webinars for its members on a variety of edX topics. The DartmouthX project team is coordinating group viewings of these session, to include some time afterwards for attendee discussion of the webinar content. The first of our group viewings was held on July 10. Information about future group viewings will be announced in advance to the DartmouthX project community.

You may also register to attend a webinar on your own - we will be sure to provide the registration information when we tell you about upcoming webinars.

Also, webinars are recorded for later viewing. Here are the recording links for past webinar sessions:

  • May 21 | HarvardX Research: Future Directions | Video
  • May 23 | edX Product Update | Video
  • June 13 | Peer Grading Overview | Video
  • June 20 | Audio for Video | Video
  • June 23 | Building Community: A Conversation with Dave Cormier | Video
  • July 1 | Working with the new edX Studio Publishing Workflow | Video
  • July 3 | Activating Idle Knowledge | Video
  • July 10 | Working with edX Data: Research to Institutional Reporting | Video