caleb Allison study guide

by caleb allison

what poetic terms do you understand? Give a definition or example of each term.

personification-figure of speech


simile-use like or as.I like dogs

metaphor-not use like or as.I hate cat but love dogs

theme-main Idea or the author

what do you know about literary non-fiction

because non-fiction is all but literary is just a few


what is a plot elements

it tell you the way it go round. cause,conflict,main Idea,characters,setting,climax,raise action,falling action,resolution

what is point of view in fiction?how dose the point of view affect the story?

it like person to self or man to man it get more or less into it.

what do you know about the tools of reading

(a) process or reaching a conclusion

(b)text to self-text to text-text to world

so you understand it better.

(c)it give the point of the story

(d)it is real.the point of the story.

what have you learned about grammar so far this year?describe how each piece is used and give me an example using your own complete sentence.