The Industrial Revolution

Magan Sumeral

What was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was when factories began mass producing products, they started using more machines and needing less people.

All about the Industrial Revolution..

The country that the Industrial Revolution began in was Britain also known as Europe. The revolution made life better by making new technology, giving people jobs, and cutting out the need for more people which makes the company lose a lot of pay. A name of an invention is the "Fly Shuttle"-Created by John Kay, 1733. During the Industrial Revolution, working conditions were pretty harsh and cruel. People who worked in coal mines would get black lung disease, burned or blown up by dynamite. Factory owners basically ran their workers lives by hardly giving them any time and in that time they slept. Child labor was when children were forced to work in factories. If you were a child in a factory, you would have to clean, fix, and run machinery. You would also have to work 14 hour work days and do whatever your boss says quickly or you may have your overseer whacking you with a stick.