Dangers of Drugs

By: Courtney Kitson

10 Facts about the Dangers of Drugs

  1. Many drugs used by people today are illegal.
  2. If a person is caught with an illegal drugs they could be arrested.
  3. All drugs have side-affects.
  4. A person could get nauseous, headaches, and pass out.
  5. A person who overdoses on prescription or over the counter drugs could get many negative side-affects.
  6. A person who over doses could go into a coma.
  7. A person might even die because their body contains to much of that drug, or the drug was that bad and their body couldn't deal with it.
  8. A person might die because of an overdose.
  9. Many illegal drugs can be "laced" with another drug. For example, Marijuana can be laced with heroin.
  10. Heroin can be more dangerous than marijuana.

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