Tall Tale

By: Chad Houchin


A tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements but told as if it were factual and true.

Notes on Tall Tales

  • Can be based on real life characters and are often in familiar locations
  • Tall tales and legends are not the same thing
  • The line between tall tales and legends is mostly distinguished by age
  • The exaggeration in tall tales is much larger, often becoming the whole story


Pecos Bill - He was the first cowboy who fell off the back of his parents' covered wagon. He raised by coyotes and used a snake for a lariat.

Paul Bunyan – Huge lumberjack who eats 50 pancakes in one minute.

Johnny Appleseed – A friendly folk hero who traveled the West planting apple trees.


Each table group come up with an example of a tall tale or create your own!

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