Brittle Bone Syndrome

Unbreakable spirit

Why is this important?

40 to 50 thousand people in the US will be diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).

This genetic disorder limits children's physical activity and won't allow them to do what they won't do. This causes a lot of stress to the parents constantly making sure their child is safe. On top of that, think of the cost of medical bills for parents who have kids with this tragic disease.

Colorado Baby Battles Brittle Bone Disease

The pain

The pain these people go through is excruciating. On top of the pain from countless bone breaks and fractures. They also suffer muscle pain and eye strains. They may as well struggle with depression, not being able to do what they want.

Like A twig

There is no cure...

There is no cure, but if this disease gets recognized, scientists can be funded to work towards a cure to this tragic disease.
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