Safety Data Sheet

Jacob Saenz

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  • Symbol- Jn
  • Atomic Mass- 73kg
  • Discovered by- Mr and Mrs Saenz
  • Occurrences- high abundance found on the field. Extremely low deposits found in the country.

Physical Properties

  • Surface properties: cameral skin, dark hair, and brown eyes.
  • Freezes- when caught doing wrong at home.
  • Melts- when wins athletic games.
  • Boils- when people aggravated.
  • Can cause anger if is irritated.
  • Specimens can be found in various states:
  1. Happy when is eating whataburger.
  2. Angry when left home alone with no food.
  3. Sad when loses any sport game.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by rainy and soggy days.
  • Is attracted to hard working and good looking people.
  • May explode if aggravated enough.
  • Requires copious amount of shoes.
  • Is inert if found on the field.
  • Will repel negative and cheap people.
  • Is impervious to other athletes.