The Earth

Author: David Jefferis/report by: Brandon plumb/unknown

29 Pages


The book, The Earth is all about the life of Earth it talks about what the Earth is, how old Earth is. The Earth is actually about 4.6 billion years old and people think Earth was made up of a slow turning large dust cloud. It talks about Earth movement in space, where some deep freeze zones in space are, what is inside the Earth, how mountains are formed, if the Earth is a giant magnet or not, how big the oceans are, what the atmosphere is, if global warming is a danger or not, what is the biosphere, if the Earths resources are satellites and stuff like that. Some of this you should all ready know like what the Earth is, how it moves in space, and about some of the life on Earth.

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Earth graphic caption

The planet we live on is in the Milky Way Galaxy.

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The Ring of Fire is a zone that circles the Pacific Ocean.
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Authors Purpose

What I think was the authors purpose in writing this book was to inform you about all of the earth our home planet.