St. John Nepomuk Catholic School

2019-2020 Prospective Family & Enrollment Information


As a parent who is considering making a difference in their child’s life by providing them with a faith-filled education, you should know that we truly believe in our motto that this is where faith and knowledge meet. We are a Catholic school guided by our mission. We are able to provide your children wonderful years of not only learning, but praying and growing in God’s graces and blessings. Your child will be challenged at St. John—challenged to grow academically, spiritually and as an individual.

St. John is where faith and knowledge grow. Though St. John Nepomuk has grown considerably since it first opened its doors as a four-classroom school building on September 1, 1953, the growth that we celebrate here is the journey from the initial steps of Pre-Kindergarten to the final walk down the aisle at 8th grade graduation ceremony.

St. John is where faith and knowledge lead. With a combination of a qualified pastor, administration and faculty and a school culture based on parental awareness and involvement, the students at St. John Nepomuk are led by example. The importance of community service is promoted through many activities performed by both students and their families. Our goal of educational excellence is met through the partnership forged between our teachers and parents, a strength of our school of which we are extremely proud.

St. John is where faith and knowledge explore. Our quality academics and curricular program come second only to our commitment to faith instruction. St. John is a school that is recognized and accredited by the State of Oklahoma. The school completes a regular self-study cycle that is required every seven years by the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accreditation Association. This process ensures that we maintain the standards necessary to be recognized as an accredited school. In fact, we completed this process in May of 2015 and received full accreditation. We feature challenging programs provided by certified teachers committed to giving every child the personal attention that is a hallmark of Catholic education. We offer a strong core curriculum at all grade levels. At Saint John, we are firmly committed to instilling the teachings of Christ to our students. Catholic religion class is a daily part of our curriculum that is supported by a strong core-academic curriculum. We follow the curriculum set forth by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and many of our teachers are the guiding force in revising the Archdiocesan curriculum.

St. John is where faith and knowledge create. It is important to consider extra-curricular opportunities as well, which are important to parents as they consider a Catholic education. Students participate in electives such as computer education, music, band, PE, hand bell choir, art, robotics, drama club, and Spanish. We are proud of our sports teams who represent St. John in soccer, basketball, track and volleyball as members of the Catholic Grade School Athletic Association. We are also proud of our House System in which our middle school students participate. The House System is based on the Oxford/Cambridge model of dividing students into “colleges” or “houses.” At St. John all middle school teachers and students are placed into one of three houses: Aquinas, Drexel, and Rother House. At the beginning of each school year all new students and incoming sixth graders are placed into one of the three Houses and remain in that House for the duration of their time at St. John. House membership brings many advantages, not least of which is a keen sense of belonging to an extended family in our school. The House System is designed to reinforce many values and disciplines we want to instill in our students at St. John. Values like responsibility, respect, trust, team-work, charity, healthy competition, discipline and service/ministry are all part of House System. Another benefit of the House System is that it crosses grade level lines and divisions. The younger students can turn to the older students for advice and reassurance. The House System is a very important part of the pastoral life of St. John middle school. At a time in a young person’s life when they are confronted with many issues—physical, spiritual, personal, and academic—the House System provides peer support and adult mentors. It gives every student a range of support that he or she can use when the need arises. Above all, the House System teaches the students to work together for a common goal.

St. John is where faith and knowledge inspire. We pride ourselves on a program that grows the whole child. St. John invests in each child and shares with its families the hopes and dreams that they will achieve once they graduate. Our mission is very clear—your child will be provided with tools to become a just, good, respectful, trustworthy and loving student whom is at an academic level to compete and achieve. Our students typically perform on or above grade level on standardized tests. Students who graduate from St. John Nepomuk reflect that they have received a quality education, enriched by Gospel values and they continue to succeed as they transition into high school.

This is just a snapshot of the wonderful things we offer. In closing, St. John is where faith and knowledge invite. We invite you to consider giving your child a strong foundation for a lifetime of confidence; faith and service…consider St. John Nepomuk Catholic School.

Current School Programs & Offerings

Welcome to St. John Nepomuk Catholic School! We at Saint John Nepomuk Catholic School know that as parents you will soon be faced with the decision of where your child will attend school in the next years. We are grateful that you are considering enrolling your child at Saint John Nepomuk. We have included with this letter, information to help introduce you to our school community. We are proud of the fact that many of our parish families with school age children have chosen to send their children to SJNCS. We would love for your child to join us.

Our parish school, believing each student is a child of God, exists to offer a quality, contemporary education, enriched by Gospel values as lived in the Catholic Church. We exist to minister, educate and serve God’s people in the Yukon community and surrounding communities by providing a Christian, disciplined, caring and safe educational environment. This is accomplished by offering an excellent academic program integrated with religious truths and values. We are accredited through the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accreditation Association which is recognized by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. All teachers hold teaching certification and classroom religion teachers are certified by the Religious Education Department of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

Religion is an integral part of each day, as a class and through shared experiences.

Saint John Nepomuk students participate in classroom prayer and weekly mass with the parish faith community. Our children become part of a religious peer support group when attending Saint John Nepomuk. Sacramental preparation is performed in the school with the assistance of teachers and fellow students.

Saint John Nepomuk strives to use today’s technology as a teaching tool in the classrooms. Each student in grades 5-8 is supplied with a laptop computer to use throughout the school day. Our elementary students also share in this technology by having a laptop cart with 24 computers and printer for use at any time. We also have a mobile iPad cart that teachers and students may use. This ensures that students at Saint John are equipped with the experiences in technology that are necessary to be successful in high school and beyond. The school also provides projectors to each classroom to be used as necessary for the appropriate grade level, as well as a bank of computers in our media center equipped with 26 workstations.

Additional academic activities are also offered at SJNCS. All grades compete at the local level for the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee. In grades five through eight, students have the opportunity to participate in an annual Science Fair, drama club as well as robotics. Our athletic program includes soccer and basketball for grades Kindergarten through eight, volleyball for grades four through eight and track meets are offered for grades Kindergarten through six.

Saint John Nepomuk also offers an After Care program for families attending our school. The students receive an after school snack and are engaged with supervised homework, projects, and activities.

Parental involvement is a very important aspect of our school. Each family participates in our Care & Share program. Care & Share is a way for families to become involved at SJNCS through volunteering. All parents belong to and are encouraged to attend events as part of our Falcon Family Network (FFN). These family events are critical and essential to building community and fellowship within our school family.

Thank you for spending time with us to learn about the programs and opportunities that SJNCS has to offer. Feel free to make an appointment to individually tour our school and ask questions. The school office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday while school is in session.

In Christ,

Natalie Johnson


Enrollment Information

Dear Prospective Saint John Family,

Thank you for your interest in Saint John Nepomuk Catholic School. The next step in the enrollment process is to complete the enclosed packet. In order to be considered for enrollment, please return the completed forms and nonrefundable registration fees to the school office. Please see the enrollment timeline below for specific dates.

  • Current student enrollment begins March 6

  • Currently unenrolled siblings of enrolled SJN students and staff begins March 25

  • Open parish enrollment begins March 28

  • Catholics in the Archdiocese enrollment begins April 3

  • Open community enrollment begins April 8

New families are required to pay the full balance of each student’s registration fee when he or she is registered for the coming school year. The total amount of fees to be assessed is $330.00 for each child.

Parish Participation Forms will also be reviewed during this time of registration to assess eligibility for the parishioner tuition rate. This rate is determined by being a registered member of Saint John Nepomuk who regularly attends mass each Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation and has a record of actively participating in parish life annually. The Parishioner tuition rate will not be approved until this process is completed and verified. Please be vigilant in turning in envelopes to verify Mass attendance. If the envelope is used solely for the purpose of attendance, please note Attendance on the front before placing in the collection basket.

The following information is needed for all applicants. Enrollments submitted without all documents and fees will be considered incomplete and at risk for being replaced with the complete enrollment of another prospective student.

  • Immunization records

  • Birth Certificate (official certificate issued by state, not the hospital)

  • Baptismal Certificate (Catholic applicants only)

  • Custodial Agreement (if parents are divorced)

The first tuition payment will be due in July and the last payment in April. This procedure, approved by School Advisory Council, is aimed at resolving all financial commitments earlier as well as limiting last minute changes to enrollment that can produce empty seats in the classroom. As with previous years, the only form of tuition payment that will be accepted for the 2019-2020 school year will be automatic withdrawal. The automatic withdrawal is offered to families without any additional fees and keeps with the trend of our fellow Catholic elementary and high schools.

With this method of payment, we can offer two different options of dates to withdraw the tuition from your account. You will have the choice of having tuition deducted on the 5th or the 20th of each month beginning in July. In providing two date options, this also allows the opportunity to split your monthly tuition payment into two payments, if that fits better with your salary schedule. Knowing that each family’s monthly budget is different, these options help in maintaining a regular payment schedule for school tuition. The only exception to the automatic withdrawal method of tuition payment is for those families who choose to pay their tuition in full for the year. There is a 3% discount on all tuition due for paying the tuition in full by July 9, 2019.

Students entering Grades 1-8 must provide copies of report cards for the past two years, academic test results, and if applicable, copies of Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or Individualized Service Plans (ISP) at the time of application.

Students entering grades 1-8 may be required to have an admission interview. Families will be called to schedule an interview if this is necessary.

Please know that we are dedicated to providing the best possible elementary and middle school experience for our students. I assure you the investment you make in Catholic education today will pay invaluable dividends in the future for your son or daughter.

As always, please feel free to contact the office at 354.2509 if you have any questions or concerns. I thank you for the loving sacrifices you make for your children in choosing Saint John Nepomuk Catholic School where faith and knowledge truly meet.

In Christ,

Mrs. Natalie Johnson, M.Ed.


Come See Where Faith and Knowledge Meet!