TaylorComm Classroom Tools

Communication & Collaboration Enhancement

Our Mission: Improve the quality of education for high school students

Many high school students will find it useful to collaborate and communicate with other classmates on Google Docs, Poll Everywhere, and flickr. Below, we will inform and discuss the options available to your student to help enhance their experiences both in and out of the classroom. This newsletter is meant to inform you about the tools we have available to help your student succeed!

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For parents and teachers to view and monitor these tools, we can get in contact with GoogleDocs, Poll Everywhere and flickr to ensure your students are being safe, smart and wise with their time!

Google Docs

For students working on group projects or making a class-wide study guide, it is editable and perfect for collaboration projects! It makes it super easy to work on things as a team, whether you're in the computer lab, the library or in your own home. Just have one person's gmail account set up the sharing mechanism, and you'll be on your way!

Poll Everywhere

Available through the App, Twitter, basic texting phones or internet, communication in classrooms and away from school can be asked in a polling format. It is a very useful tool for teachers to gauge test preparedness prior to the written exams given. Also, it can be used a feedback tool for teachers to see what their students think of their teaching methods and how much they're grasping the information. The results can be shown during a powerpoint or in your web browser.


Ideal for the artsy, yearbook, or photography student who want to showcase their talents. We all know the "Reflections" contests that occur in the school district love to have amazing photography, and this could be a wonderful platform that allows teachers to see what their students see around the school. It also allows the students a more creative outlet to explore their elective choices, by viewing the other photographs on the site.