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IDVA Newsletter - November 2019

Newsletter Table of Contents


  • November Statewide Events - You Are Invited!
  • October Events Slideshow
  • Save the Date - Upcoming Statewide Events
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? IDVA Help Request
  • Learning Coach University
  • Important Information from the National Center for Homeless Education
  • K12 Art Contest
  • Idaho Forest Products Commission Student Essay Contest
  • Help Name NASA's Mars 2020 Rover
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notification
  • NCAA and IDVA
  • Technical Tips Library


  • Upcoming Assessments
  • K-5 Data Week Nov. 11-15 - No Live Classes
  • Learning Coach Tip
  • 10 Ways to Motivate Your Student
  • K-5 Reading Tip: 75 Books that Build Character

6-12 SCHOOL:

  • Message from 6-12 Principals
  • What is AVID?
  • Invitation 6-12 Assembly
  • Invitation New Counselor Series - Social Emotional Learning
  • How Sleep Deprivation is Putting Your Teen at Risk
  • IDVA Class of 2020 Graduation Planning Guide
  • Congressional App Challenge
  • IDVA Ski Days
  • IDVA College and Career Website
  • U.S. Selective Service System


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Friday, November 8, 2019


  • All are welcome. Remember, per IDVA policy, all students must have a parent/guardian with them at all times during school events.

  • Please pay in advance or bring exact cash for admission.

  • There are no classes scheduled on event days.

  • All events are optional.

  • Please note that IDVA may cancel events due to extreme weather and road conditions.

  • Photo Disclaimer: Please understand that photos may be taken and could be used by K12 and/or Idaho Virtual Academy. If you would not like your or your child’s picture taken, please let an IDVA staff member know at the event.

We want all students to have the opportunity to join an event. If cost is keeping you from being able to join, please email Lisa Stein

Treasure Valley

What: Bowling

Where: Meridian Lanes

Address: 324 S. Meridian Rd., Meridian

Cost: $5.00 per bowler. Shoes included.

Check-in: 9:00 am MT

Start Time: 9:30 am MT

End Time: 11:30 am MT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.

Advance Pay (optional): Click here to pay with a credit card.


Magic Valley

What: Bowling

Where: Bowladrome

Address: 220 Eastland Dr., Twin Falls

Cost: $6.50 per bowler. Shoes included.

Check-in: 10:00 am MT

Start Time: 10:30 am MT

End Time: 12:30 pm MT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.

Advance Pay (optional): Click here to pay with a credit card.


North Idaho

What: Bowling

Where: Sunset Lanes

Address: 202 W. Sunset Ave., CDA

Cost: $7.00 per bowler. Shoes included.

Check-in: 12:00 pm PT

Start Time: 12:30 pm PT

End Time: 2:30 pm PT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.

Advance Pay (optional): Click here to pay with a credit card.



What: Bowling

Where: Orchard Lanes

Address: 244 Thain Rd., Lewiston

Cost: $6.00 per bowler. Shoes included.

Check-in: 12:00 pm PT

Start Time: 12:30 pm PT

End Time: 2:30 pm PT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.

Advance Pay (optional): Click here to pay with a credit card.


Eastern Idaho

What: Bowling

Where: Bowl-Ero Lanes

Address: 670 1st St., Idaho Falls

Cost: $4.50 per bowler. Shoes included.

Check-in: 10:00 am MT

Start Time: 10:30 am MT

End Time: 12:30 pm MT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.

Advance Pay (optional): Click here to pay with a credit card.



What: Bowling

Where: Pop'n Pins Bowling

Address: 411 US-91, Preston

Cost: $5.00 per bowler. Shoes included.

Check In: 11:00 am MT

Start Time: 11:15 am MT

End Time: 12:15 pm MT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.


October Statewide Events Slideshow

On Friday, October 11th, students and families came together at six locations across the state for some fun and connection. We got lost in corn mazes, carved pumpkins, played indoor mini-golf and enjoyed each other's company. Check out the event photo slideshow of the fun that was had! Thank you to those who attended! We hope everyone will join us at the November events on November 8th!

SAVE THE DATE - IDVA Statewide Events

Please save the dates for IDVA's Statewide Events!

Events are held the second Friday of almost every month. The upcoming event dates for the 2019-20 school year are:

Nov. 8

Dec. 13

Feb. 14

Mar. 13

May 8

Monthly event details are shared in THE HOWL, IDVA's newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you at future events!

FEeling Overwhelmed?

Are you or your student struggling to keep up with school, have questions, or need help?

Please click HERE to submit your name and contact information. We will call you right away!

K12 Encore - Learning Coach University Offering

Recognizing and Understanding Your Child’s Love Language

Children express and receive love in different ways—some through acts of service, others through affirming words, and still others through gifts, quality time, or physical touch. Each of these expressions of love represents a different "language." Based on the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, Dr. Amy Boyd from the National Family Engagement Team, will explain and discuss each of the love languages and provide strategies that enable parents to speak to their children's love language.

Wednesday, October 30th from 8:00 – 8:45 pm Eastern (New York) Time


Important Information from the National Center for Homeless Education

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K12 Art Contest - Artistic Adventures

K12 wants to give you a chance to share your adventurous side by participating in this year’s annual Art Contest. Whether your idea of excitement is rock climbing across the world or reading a book about creatures in a far-off galaxy, we want to know more about the adventures you can imagine.

Choose the adventure. Choose the art medium. Choose to share.

Click here to learn more.

Idaho Forest Products Commission Student Essay Contest

To celebrate National Forest Products Week, the 3rd full week in October, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsors a statewide essay contest. Encourage students to enter the contest to learn more about Idaho’s forests, build vocabulary and work toward mastering Idaho Core Standards. Winning writers and their classrooms can earn cash prizes!

Submissions are due Nov. 4, 2019.

Find the rules and entry guidelines on the commission's website.

Help Name NASA's Mars 2020 Rover

NASA invites U.S. students to submit essays to name NASA's next Mars rover!

K-12 students have until Nov. 1, 2019 to submit their entry.

Register, learn more, submit entries, or sign up to be a judge!

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act - FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) has specified that student Educational Records are confidential, with some exceptions. LEA #452 will provide Parents and Eligible Students annual notification of their rights under FERPA. The annual notice will contain information regarding the right to inspect their children’s Educational Records, the right to seek an amendment of an Educational Record, the right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information, with certain exceptions, and the right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

Click here for more Information about FERPA.


If your student is interested in pursuing college athletics, please, be aware that the NCAA has all K12 schools on “extended review” status. IDVA is a K12 school so is on extended review status with the NCAA. Students graduating from a K12 school applying for NCAA eligibility will be denied currently. After they are denied, they can work with the college Athletic Director to gain a waiver. K12 has helped students through this process and has noted that about 75% of these students do get the waivers.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact your school counselor.

Technical Tips Library

Technical Tips

Please click on the button for a links to a variety of technical tips.


Upcoming Student Assessments

Students in grades K-5 will complete Interim Assessments the first week of November. Interim Assessment is a form of assessment that educators use to evaluate where students are in their learning progress and determine whether they are on track to performing well on future assessments, such as standardized tests or end-of-course exams. Your student’s participation in these assessments is a significant factor in their school success. Thank you in advance for ensuring your student’s participation.

Your teacher will be sharing the assessment plan with you during live class and via email. Please be on the lookout.

K5 Data Week - No Live Classes

K-5 teachers will be involved in a data review during the week of November 11-15. This designated week consists of analyzing student assessment scores and collaborating as a team. The time spent on this allows us to make the best decisions to support your student.

During this data week, there will be no live classes. Live class will resume on Monday, November 18th.

Learning Coach Tip - Don't Forget About You!

Teaching your children is a wonderful opportunity; however, there can be stress associated with this responsibility which can lead to burnout. Typical signs of burnout include physical or emotional exhaustion, depression, a change in sleeping habits, loss or gain of weight, lingering or frequent colds, the loss of patience, and increased irritability.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid burnout:

  • Schedule time for yourself for hobbies, exercise, or simple solitude while your children are having quiet time or working independently.

  • Start a co-op with other parents in your area so that you can share teaching.

  • Delegate some of your chores. The gifts you are giving your child - a first-class education and a love of learning - are far more important than any cooking and cleaning you may feel you’re neglecting.

10 Ways to Motivate Your Student to Learn

  • Believe in them.
  • Be extremely encouraging.
  • Make sure your students are the ones who are working.
  • Use memory work and recitation.

Click here to learn more.

K-5 Reading Tips

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Social Emotional Learning is an integral part of a holistic education. Check out this book list that supports character building.


Message from Your 6-12 Team

Dear IDVA 6-12 Families,

It certainly has been and wonderful and busy start to the school year. The progress each student is making is astounding and we are highly encouraged by the engagement and attendance we are seeing. We hope this finds each of you settled into a routine and deeply engaged in learning.

We are continuously working to improve learning for every student. The tremendous dedication and talent of our staff continues to make Idaho Virtual Academy a wonderful and special learning environment. Please remember to reach out with questions. We are happy to help!

We believe that a partnership between the home, school and community is necessary for our students to become resilient learners. That partnership should create a positive and academically focused culture where students are encouraged to grow.

Our Master Teacher, Andrea Wells, has sent a Friday Fast Fact each week to help bridge home and school. We hope you refer to them as needed to make your student’s learning experience a positive one.

Friday Fast Fact Episodes:

Weekly Work Schedule


Grace Period (IDVA)

Grace Period (ISID)

Effective Communication

Unleash Your Amazing Life

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

October 29: Last day of Q1 term for IDVA Middle School and B2 term for Insight of Idaho

October 30: No school for IDVA Middle School and Insight of Idaho students

October 31: Beginning of Q2 term for IDVA Middle School and B3 term for Insight of Idaho

Our goal is that each student will achieve one year of academic growth. Thank you for encouraging your student to establish consistent learning habits.

Have a beautiful fall season.


IDVA 6-12 Team

What is AVID?

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID is a program that provides an elective course in college readiness for students. AVID students will refine their academic skills through what is known as WICOR; Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. Students learn organization through binders which hold academically useful materials. AVID promotes acceleration, engages students in strategies and scaffolded instruction to make challenging content accessible.

We are currently offering the AVID 8th grade elective to students who were first nominated by their teacher and then chosen through an interview process.

Additionally, all students in grades 6-12 are participating in focused note-taking as part of the effort to establish school-wide learning habits for students.

6-12 Assembly - You are Invited!

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New Counselor Series - You are invited!

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How Sleep Deprivation is Putting Your Teen at Risk

Is your teenager getting enough sleep? According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need about eight to ten hours of sleep each night, but most aren’t getting nearly enough. In fact, in one study, just 15 percent of teenagers surveyed said that they slept eight and one-half hours on school nights, and two-thirds of teens said they regularly get less than seven hours of sleep.

For those tired teens, it’s bad news all around. Research shows that they may be at risk for a number of serious issues, all caused by sleep deprivation.

Learn more here.

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IDVA Class of 2020 Graduation Planning

IDVA will hold three formal graduation ceremonies across the state in May 2020. Please save the dates for the ceremony (or ceremonies!) you would like to attend.

Graduation Ceremony Dates:

May 19, 2020 - Kroc Center, Coeur d’Alene (Northern Idaho)

May 21, 2020 - Blackfoot Performing Arts Center (SE Idaho)

May 27, 2020 - Northwest Nazarene University, Brandt Center (Treasure Valley)

Graduation Planning Guide:

Please review and bookmark our Graduation Planning Guide. This is your one stop place for all your graduation planning information.

Attention Seniors and Senior Parents:

Please complete the "Graduation Prep" items in our Graduation Planning Guide. Be sure you complete the Senior Survey so we know your plans.

Thank you for helping us to plan for wonderful graduation celebrations for your students!

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Click here for more information about IDVA Ski and Snowboard Days.

Congressional App Challenge for 1st Congressional District MS & HS Students

Congressman Russ Fulcher has invited students residing in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District to enter the annual Congressional App Challenge, an initiative designed to encourage student engagement in STEM and, more specifically, computer science.

Middle and high school students from across Idaho's 1st Congressional District are invited to participate. Registration is now open and detailed rules and guidelines can be found on the program’s website.

DEADLINE to register and submit: Nov.1, 2019

Note: To check on whether you live in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District or not, click here:

IDVA College and Career Website

Please check out IDVA's College and Career website for great resources about advanced opportunities, college, careers, military, and much more!

IDVA College & Career

U.S. Selective Service

Attention all 17 and 18 year old young men:

Remember that when you turn 18, the law says you must register for the Selective Service.

Those who fail to register may be denied student loans, government jobs, and a driver's license in most states. In addition, if you are a male immigrant seeking to become a citizen, you must also be registered, regardless of your immigration status.

Click here to visit the U.S. Selective Service website.

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