Pre-K 2's Weekly Review

What We Have Learned

Units: Christmas Traditions Around The World and Celebrating Jesus' Birth

The past two weeks were very exciting with all the global traveling that was done as we learned about how some other countries celebrate Christmas and our Christmas Program celebration. Last week we went to China and made bright lanterns to illuminate up the night. Then we visited went to Mexico and build colorful piñatas to join in the fiesta. Next, we flew to France and created delicious yule logs to enjoy with our holiday meal. Finally, we popped into Sweden to made St. Lucia wreaths to light the way for Christmas. This week was spent creating art with holiday wrapping paper and stickers, making Christmas cards for each other and family, enjoying our families after the Christmas sing along and a pajama party.

Letter Mm, Nn and Numbers 5-15 Spotlight

For the past two weeks we have spent time reviewing letters Mm and Nn sounds and thinking of some vocabulary words the contain them. We searched books and printed materials for these two letters

We have reviewed numbers 5-15 in finger plays, counting songs, counting and ordering. We have enjoyed counting stickers and Christmas bows.

Learning And Growing In Action

Looking Ahead

Important Info

Parents please know that Legacy serves a morning snack for the students at school. It is not a full meal but one that can supplement a breakfast given prior to arriving in the morning. A few of our students come to Legacy very early and hungry expecting a full breakfast meal. Morning snack for Pre-K is between 8:30-9am. Thank you for your understanding, Ms. Karleen.

Next Week's Topic: Winter Wonderland

Show-A-Tell Day: Color and Return Letter Oo Sheet

Wish List: Baby Food Jars

New Year's Day: January 1, 2016

**The Preparing For Kindergarten Program enrollment program deadline is this Thursday, December 31, 2015. Please return completed packets if you would like to participate in the program.**