The Trade Show Experience

Sweet Tooth's Look Back On Trade Show


Trade Show has been a fantastic experience, we've learned new skills, had a whole load of fun and not to forget, we made money! Trade Show may have been a huge load on our backs, but one thing is for sure, every minute was worth it!

What I've Learned

Skills and Knowledge

Organization was critical during Trade Show, it is something I used through out the process and proved to be greatly beneficial. Having to do so much work may have been a pain but by being organized, I was able to work more efficiently, minimize my stress and most of all maintain that positive attitude.

Time management was key to having a great, relaxing Trade Show experience. By finishing things on time, I did not end up piled with work. Procrastinating is probably the worst thing to do throughout Trade Show, because all that work you put back will comeback and just cause you trouble in the end.

Cooperation was the most useful skill during Trade Show. Throughout Trade Show we had to communicate with one another, coordinate things together -work as a team. By being cooperative it increased work flow significantly, as members worked together to accomplish tasks instead of one person doing all the work.