Teen Sex?

yes, its real. Open your damn eyes its all around!

The Feels On Teen Sex

Everyone has a different feel on teen sex. Some people believe its just the way our human body works and some believe its the sin of the devil to have sex before marriage. But this something going on everywhere we turn.

Teen Sex is No Joke

Teenagers at this generation yes, are having sex but not all of them are being smart about it. Teenage girls are becoming teen moms and there life's aren't even together yet. They aren't able to finish school all the times and most drop out to take care of there child. A lot of the time they teenage boys leave because they aren't ready to be a father at this age yet. Teenagers are just children trying to mature in my eyes and some are just doing it a little too fast. Its the easiest to just use a condom or use birth control or better yet both until your ready.. Ready to become a parent.This isn't just for the girls because the teen boys play a big part in this too.

Seryna Pacheco

Science (Teen Sex)