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2021 4-H Officer Training Week

Welcome to 4-H Officer Training Week, February 21 - 27! Each day of Officer Training Week will focus on one topic or officer position. Check your email or social media daily for new information.

News Reporter

The Role of the News Reporter

The position of news reporter enables you to connect with your friends, fellow members, advisors, parents, and your community. News reporters will learn the news story format and how to contact a newspaper. They will follow the five W’s and the one H of news writing. You will share pictures of your members at activities and events. And will keep a record of articles that are published by the local media.

As the club reporter, you will write and report what the public learns about your 4-H club. You can have a big impact on what people in your community know about your 4-H club and all the positive things the club is doing.

News Reporter's Handbook

Ohio 4-H Officer Training: News Reporter

Duties of the News Reporter

  • Tell 4-H news in an accurate and interesting way.
  • Take accurate notes at each club meeting.
  • Write a news story promptly after each club meeting.
  • Introduce yourself to the person responsible for local news stories in the community newspaper.
  • Send news articles to the newspaper and radio stations.
  • Check with 4-H staff about including the article in a county newsletter.
  • Include photographs with some articles for the newspaper or newsletter.

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Club Corner Submissions


A new addition to the Franklin County Extension website is the Club Corner page. This page is a great way to share club news. Updates can share activities, news, or even advertise for new members to join. Club officers or advisors can submit their updates by clicking on the link below.


The Role of Historian

Serving as a club historian means you are responsible for gathering and documenting written and visual information. Documentation should include information from meetings, parades, fair, leadership or citizenship activities, community service, and clinics or events in which your club participates. Whatever you decide to include, it needs to be well documented with clear photos and notes that describe who, what, where, when, and why. The scrapbook produced by the club historian should be brought to each meeting for the club to enjoy during refreshments or during another time designated by the president.

Historian's Handbook

Ohio 4-H Officer Training: Historian

Duties of the Historian

  • Serve as the club photographer.
  • Keep a record of the club’s accomplishments and activities for the year.
  • Collect items such as pictures, agendas, and news clippings about the club and its members.
  • Organize a scrapbook to tell the club’s story for the year.
  • Make the scrapbook meaningful to members and future members.
  • Make the book compact but complete by including items only if they involve the club directly or members of the club.
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