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James Watt, the founder of our new steam boat company built a boat that can go a convenient 5 miles an hour! This makes trade fast and easy. Traders can sail across the ocean to trading ports with minimal amount of human labor. It goes so fast because it is powered by steam, a new energy source found by James Watt and Robert Fulton.

James Watt and Robert Fulton

Both of these men helped complete the amazingly complex Steamboat. Robert Fulton made a engine that is powered by steam. James Watt created the boat and sailed the first one on the Delaware river in 1787.
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1. I learned how the steam boat works from my research, it is a very complicated cycle so the engine is run on water. I also learned about what it was like back then, steamboats were like high speed cars. things went a lot slower they did't have email that takes 2 seconds to appear in you inbox. Shipping took a lot longer too, large wagons took supplies to stores. people had to go to the store to buy stuff instead of it showing up on your doorstep.

2. It was a lot faster and easier to ship things, going places was a lot easier and took less time. this was why many people bought the steamboats. It stated a revolution that we can see today, most steamboats are now used for cruises or nicer accusations rather than everyday life.

3. Bandwagon an faulty cause and effect are both persuasive techniques that I used because the steamboat was made too make things easier, so that was what I claimed would happen if you bought a steamboat.