Child Labor


It is a hot, hot day. Sweat drips down your forehead as you haul heavy loads of wheat around a field. A whip is your reward for begging just to have some water. This is a possible day for a child laborer. Child labor is work forced onto a kid not eligible - by age - for legal work. There are 168 million kids involved in this issue as of 2014, mainly in africa and the middle east. Child labor has been happening for a long time. It is very depriving to its victims in places where it is caused, and people are trying to cease it.


There are many origins of child labor. Mainly in Africa, with brutal heat, comes one cause: poverty. When poor countries have little to no money to pay staff, so they force kids to do the job. They are not usually paid, but it is by no means voluntary. One more causes for child labor is high unemployment levels. When adults don’t have jobs, the kids get the extreme work. It needs to be stopped


Child labor is very depriving. With children working throughout the day, they miss out on lots of education. Also, children are taken away from all the joy of childhood. In addition, child labor is very harmful to kids. They do treacherous things that can be very hurtful. Glen Greenberg thinks there needs to be a modification.


There are many people trying to prohibit child labor, One is named Iqbal Masih. At age 4, he was sold into slavery by his own father. He worked 12 hours a day making carpets. When he was ten, he escaped and began speaking out against child labor. He took a trip to North America where he informed middle school kids about child labor and what was wrong with it. After returning from his trip, Iqbal was murdered while riding his bike. Now its your turn to take a stand.


Now, you’d never want to be in the situation given at the beginning right? Neither did one child laborer named Iqbal, who escaped and spoke out against this struggle. It deprives children from their joyous childhood. How will you tight to defeat child labor?!