LV Technology

By: Sam Breider

Typing Web

  • Typing web is a typing website where you go through multiple course and learn how to type
  • Typing was probably my least favorite thing we did in Technology because I thought it was repetitive and not very fun.
  • We start with a five minute typing warm up each.
  • At the end of the unit you have to be done with the intermediate typing course.


  • In this unit you have to make a trailer about a topic of your choice.
  • When you're making your trailer you must take all the pictures by yourself and you can't take any pictures off of the internet.
  • You will use the trailer option on Imovie to create the trailer.

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is a presentation website and it is similar to google slides
  • This unit goes along with the Career Locker unit because you are doing a presentation on your dream job.
  • Your presentation must be more than ten slides long.
  • When you are done with your presentation you have to present your presentation in front of the class

Explain Everything

  • This unit only lasts a couple classes to complete
  • You use Explain Everything to explain a solution to a math problem that you choose
  • I liked this unit because you got free time after you finished

Career Locker

  • Mrs. Vandenboogaard comes in for a couple weeks to show you all the things on Career Locker
  • You take tests to tell what your learning style is and what future jobs you might want
  • On the Career Locker website, you can explore careers and learn about them
  • After the unit is over you will get a SPEC conference and will review your information and show your parents everything you did


  • This was my favorite unit because I enjoyed learning all the coding and my favorite course was The Artist 2
  • You have to go through a course with multiple lessons on basic coding
  • There are different types of coding courses to do such as designing a flappy bird game or designing a star wars levels