3-5 RLA Newsletter

December 4, 2015

Hi 3-5 RLA Team,

We hope each of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Break and that it didn't go by too quickly for you. Can you believe we have already completed one of the three weeks before Winter Break? This time of year can feel so very hectic for teachers. There is MAP testing, ANet testing, evaluations, holiday events, travel, and so many other things happening in your daily lives. Let us know if there are supports we can provide to you as you make your way to Winter Break with your students. We've started planning January CPD and can't wait to work alongside all of you on January 4th.

As always, reach out if you need us!

Tamlah and Krysten

Third Quarter Curriculum

The curriculum needed for January and February will be posted to SharePoint by COB on Friday, December 11th. Let Krysten know if you have any questions about the resources or timeline!

Guided Reading Tip of the Week

Do your students still track word-by-word with their finger? This might be interfering with oral reading fluency! Train students to stop tracking with their finger, as the goal at the middle grades is to push into more fluent reading. If students still need support with tracking, you can use your fingers to chunk text into phrases as students read. This will break the habit of word-by-word tracking, provide tracking support, and help students build their fluency!

Informational Articles Resource

Students who are excellent readers often have a great depth of knowledge about the world around them. They are able to read at higher levels because they have the vocabulary needed to read more difficult texts. Using informational articles with your students is one way to help develop background knowledge and vocabulary for all students. ReadWorks.org has recently released informational articles with accompanying text-based questions. Use these resources to supplement your current work, as a workstation, or as a guided reading text where appropriate. Enjoy!

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction